Capturing the Skin's "Biological Clock" and Effective Skin Care

Learn About The Skin's "Biological Clock" And The Most Effective Skin Care Way

Capturing the Skin's "Biological Clock" and Effective Skin Care

Do you know why kill death celk should be done at night? Why should skin care only in the morning and evening? And when is the best time to wear a mask? All of this is decided by biological clock of the skin. With each time, the skin will have certain biological changes and if you grasp this, you will know how to care for and protect the skin in the most effective way. So don't skip the next post of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center ok

Capturing the Skin's "Biological Clock" and Effective Skin Care

1. What is the biological clock of the skin?

Understand the biological clock of the skin to know how to take care of the skin effectively
Grasp the “skin clock” for effective skin care

Like the body's circadian rhythms, the skin also has a fixed biological cycle with different mechanisms of action:

  • Day timeThe main function of the skin is to protect the body as well as skin cells from environmental agents. As a result, the skin's ability to absorb nutrients will be reduced, but instead, the skin will secrete more excess oil to prevent bacteria and dirt from invading.
  • Opposite at night, the skin repair and regeneration mechanism will be activated. Especially when the body goes to sleep, cell regeneration, detoxification and barrier repair processes begin. This causes the temperature and blood circulation under the skin to increase, the skin is very easy to absorb nutrients and also very easy to lose moisture if not properly nourished.

Not only is there a difference between day and night, with each passing hour, the skin also undergoes certain biological changes. If you know these timelines, you will have the most effective skin care steps. Let's find out with Miss Tram: (Reference Basic skin care routine for men widely used today).

From 6 to 8 a.m.:

After a night, the elimination of toxins through the pores makes your skin greasy. In particular, in the early morning time, the hormones in the body start to be active, the blood circulation process also happens faster, so the skin is easy to absorb water and moisture.

How to effectively take care of your skin in the morning
Massage skin, effective skin care in the morning

Therefore, this is the time to clean and nourish the skin most effectively. Remember to massage the skin after applying the cream – because this skin care step will make the nutrients penetrate faster and deeper into the skin, helping the skin to be firm and fresh in the new day.

From 8 to 10 a.m.:

This is the time when the skin's functions are most effective with strong resistance and the ability to excrete sebum is also very good. The skin is also very sensitive to external factors such as dirt, ultraviolet rays.

Therefore, if you did not take care of your skin and sunscreen properly before, your skin will now be very susceptible to adverse effects. (Refer The best skin care routine highly rated nowadays).

From 11 am to 12 noon:

Use oil blotting paper for effective skin care at noon
Use oil blotting paper for effective skin care at noon

This is the peak period of sebaceous gland activity. Along with the dilation of the pores, the skin is very susceptible to bacteria and dirt attack.

So, at this point you should ask for the help of oil blotting paper if you feel the need. In particular, limit makeup at this time because when combined with oil, makeup residue will easily clog pores and cause acne.

From 1 to 3 pm:

At this time, blood pressure and secretions in the body are also lowered, the skin is also prone to dryness and this is the time when wrinkles are most likely to form.

Therefore, at this time you need to give your skin a rest and relax by washing your face with cold water or regularly spraying minerals to prevent this aging process.

From 4pm to 7pm:

Mineral spray effective skin care in the evening
Mineral spray for effective skin care in the evening

After a day of work, this is the time when the skin needs to relax, if you wear makeup all day, this is the right time to remove it. At this time, the absorption of nutrients by the skin is very poor, so it is best to leave your face bare and only use mineral spray for the skin.

From 7 to 11 pm:

What is an effective skin care method before going to bed?
How to effectively take care of your skin before going to bed? 

This is the most suitable time for you to use beauty steps like Exfoliating at home, steam, apply mask and apply lotion. Ideally, you should do these skin care steps before going to bed and before 10 pm.

From 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.:

This is the time when the cells grow and regenerate the most, and also the best time to absorb nutrients. So, if the evening skincare step is done effectively and your sleep is of good quality, the skin will be restored and regenerated in the most wonderful way.

2. What are the consequences of disrupting the circadian clock of the skin?

Like the body's biological clock, the circadian rhythm of the skin can also be disturbed by many factors such as age, lifestyle habits and adverse environmental influences.

In particular, the lack of sleep greatly affects the circadian rhythm disturbance of the skin. Because this is the time when the skin needs to be restored and regenerated, if the body does not rest, the process will be stagnant and not preserve the quality.

When sleep does not protect, the skin's protective functions during the day are not performed effectively, the skin is easily attacked by bad influences from the environment and easily forms problems such as acne, dry skin. , skin aging.

In particular, when the skin has a circadian rhythm disorder, you will not know when the skin is easy to absorb nutrients, when the skin needs to rest, when the skin needs protection, ... Therefore, the care steps skin is also not done in the most effective way.

Causes of skin clock disturbances
Disruption of the circadian clock of the skin can cause acne

Failure to balance the circadian rhythm of the skin will lead to serious consequences such as:

  • The skin lacks moisture, easily forming problems such as acne and skin diseases.
  • Visibly dull and lifeless skin.
  • Skin lacks elasticity and quickly ages, especially wrinkles and crow's feet appear very easily.

At this time, you need to reset your lifestyle and sleep mode in a moderate way so that your skin can rebalance the biological clock and skin care procedures will be carried out in the most effective way.

So, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center shared about circadian clock of the skin and the most effective skin care. To always balance the circadian rhythm for the skin, you need to have a scientific lifestyle and sleep regime. Thus, the process of skin care and protection is best done. Hope this article will be useful to you. Wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin!

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