Correct understanding of eel acne

Understanding Eel Veins

In the form of acne, Eel acne Acne is the most serious form of acne, causing severe damage to the skin as well as to the patient's health. So what is angioedema? What is its impact? How to treat effectively? Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center We hope that the following article will help you answer the above questions in the most clear way.

What is Eel Vein? The most effective cause and treatment

Learn about eel acne
Learn about the image of eel acne

1 What is Eel Vein?

Angioedema is one of the symptoms of long-lasting skin ulcers accompanied by purulent oozing. You will see them as zigzag caves under the skin, gradually forming holes on the surface of the skin. They have the name eel circuit because its development is very similar to the shape of an eel, moving continuously back and forth through the burrows to feed.

When the old burrows become clogged, it will develop new openings to other burrows. First, forming acne-like acne, users do not pay attention, so they often ignore it, over time they break down and leak pus, directly affecting our aesthetics.

This is the most severe form of acne. Cystic acne is very large, formed in patches, filled with pus deep inside the skin and is quite soft, looking like blisters. Like cystic acne, eel acne is very painful if accidentally touched. The risk of scarring, even pitting scars is very high. (Research Acne treatments suitable for each skin type the most effective).

2 Causes of Eel Vein Acne

According to the experts of Miss Tram Center - Natural Beauty Center, Causes of Eel Vein Acne due to a combination of many internal and external factors.

What is the cause of eel vessel acne?
What is the cause of eel vessel acne?

Internal factors of the body:

  • Formed from acne, then because of hormone imbalance in the body, it leads to acne change
  • People who are often stressed, stressed for a long time have a higher risk of acne
  • Facial skin produces a lot of oil, dirt and bacteria, which is an ideal opportunity for acne to multiply

External factors:

  • Due to the polluted living environment, using inappropriate cosmetics. Eating in moderation, eating a lot of spicy food…
  • P.acnes infection is available in the pores, when it thrives, it will cause staph, inflammation.
Some manifestations of eel vessel acne on the body
Some manifestations of eel vessel acne on the body

3 Symptoms of Eel Veins on the Body

  • On the skin formed edematous spots, below the surface of the skin, acne organizations link into caves containing pus, fluid, blood
  • Eel angiomas cause sharp pain, large cysts, boils, ulcers; Severe inflammatory acne in the form of a hard, red, swollen lump, when a large lump has a purulent fluid inside.
  • People with eel acne will feel pain, skin tightness, itching and discomfort. Purulent fluid from the acne oozes, the infection will spread and the acne will grow more. In the end, it leaves scars and dark spots.

4 What should I do when I have angioedema?

If you are unfortunate enough to have this type of acne, according to the experts of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, you first need to make a change in your daily lifestyle. Eat in moderation, you should find hobbies such as watching movies, listening to music to reduce stress and tension in your body, limiting the development of acne.

Should pay attention to external factors affecting your skin such as sun, dirt. It is best to bring a jacket and mask when going out, and do not forget to apply sunscreen to your skin.

What to do when you have angioedema
What to do when you have angioedema

Do not pick, scratch or squeeze acne. These things can cause normal acne to turn into eel acne. Squeezing will cause deeper and wider damage. In addition, bacteria also have the risk of entering, making acne worse.

Eel vascular acne Without proper, complete and continuous treatment, it is difficult to completely go away. Acne becomes chronic, recurrent and causes serious skin damage. Therefore, you should go to reputable cosmetic centers for more detailed advice, find methods and processes for the treatment to bring the best results.

Currently, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center has met the needs of customers for eel acne treatment with many advantages:

  • Professionals and technicians are highly skilled, with many years of experience in the cosmetology industry.
  • Modern and spacious facilities will create the most comfortable feeling for customers when coming to the center.
  • Always apply the latest technology in treatment for the best results.
  • Customers will be consulted by a team of dedicated experts to best understand their own condition and give the appropriate treatment process.
  • Committed to reducing acne, returning smooth skin as ever.

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For more advice on the treatment of eel acne, please contact Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center at the following address. Experts are always ready to listen and provide you with the best solution.

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