treat melasma with vitamin E

How Effective Is It To Reduce Dark Spots With Vitamin E?

Vitamin E Synthetic or natural origin can help you dark spots treatment. In particular, vitamin E supplements from healthy foods are recommended to use more. Today's Post Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center share with you How to reduce dark spots with Vitamin E What is efficiency? Watch…

What does vitamin E do to treat dark spots?

Deep brown It is one of the most obvious signs of aging. One of the causes may be genetics, life pressure, hormonal changes and environmental pollution.

reduce dark spots with vitamin e
How to use vitamin E to treat melasma?

When under the influence of these factors, the oxygen needed for life that we breathe every day will take place the oxidation process. To make it easier to imagine, we need to turn back the knowledge of chemistry, Oxidation is a chemical reaction that occurs when Oxygen reacts with a certain substance (including a single element or a compound), resulting in a change. about shape and color.

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Where there is Oxygen there Oxidation can happen. Oxidation will cause the surface of metals to rust, damaging many items, food and people are no exception.

treat melasma with vitamin E
Types of melasma

Oxidation takes place, modified products, also known as free radicals, are produced more and more. Participating in the process of life, free radicals cause many harmful effects to the body's health, it is the source of aging and more than 100 dangerous diseases including diseases of the brain, eyes, skin, immune system, heart, blood vessels, lungs, kidneys, multiple organs and joints.

However, all things are born with natural enemies and Vitamin E is one of the substances that can inhibit the activity of free radicals accumulated in the body. When ingested in adequate doses, Vitamin E will turn free radicals into harmless molecules, or help it promote its ability to maintain cell structure and function.

For example, in the treatment of melasma, when participating in the metabolism of cells, Vitamin E will promote the ability to protect vitamin A, cell membrane lipids and vitamin K from oxidation, in order to speed up the elimination effect. remove dark spots on the skin.

In addition, the full presence of Vitamin E in the body helps women have a smooth, youthful skin with fewer wrinkles. Lack of Vitamin E, the skin will be dry, wrinkled, hair is prone to breakage.

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Note When Using Vitamin E for Melasma

Using Vitamin E for regular skin care, the skin is youthful, anti-aging very well. But if misused, high doses of synthetic vitamin E, prolonged and not under the guidance of a doctor or dermatologist can cause unpredictable consequences.

reduce dark spots with vitamin e
Safe use of vitamin E

If there is an excess of Vitamin E, it will act as a support for the activity of free radicals in the body, causing damage to cells, increasing the risk of lung cancer. Intravenous high doses of vitamin E can be fatal.

To attest to the risks associated with taking Vitamin E, Dr. Edgar Miller at Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, USA) conducted a study and stated that “the results of our study proved otherwise. with the popular concept in society, that taking more Vitamin E makes us healthier. In fact, in some cases, taking high doses of Vitamin E over a long period of time can lead to an earlier death.”

Tips to reduce dark spots safely with vitamin e
Recommended plant-based Vitamin E supplement

If you do not go to the doctor, and have not been tested and advised by experts to use Vitamin E properly in the treatment of melasma, foods such as legumes, vegetable oils, cereals, nuts, seeds, etc. Green leafy vegetables are all very rich in Vitamin E which is always recommended.

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Hopefully with the sharing of experience of reducing dark spots with Vitamin E of  Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center swill benefit you a lot. I wish you success

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