FAQ Which Color Crystal Lip Spray is Beautiful? Inspiration

FAQ Which Color Crystal Lip Spray is Beautiful?

For women, a seductive lips contribute to the delicate features of the face. Therefore, to own a beautiful lips as desired, women often resort to technology Lip tattoo spray, especially crystal lip spray. However, not all spray colors are suitable for your face. So let Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Tell you the secret to choosing the most beautiful and standard lip color!

Why is crystal lip spray favored by many people?

Spraying crystal lips can help us overcome such conditions as misaligned lips, dark lips, pale lips, thin or thick lips. This method not only gives soft, natural lips anytime, anywhere, but also shapes the lips so that the lip contour looks even and defined.

Spray crystal lips
Crystal lip spray is popular with many people

Crystal lip spray is loved by many women because of the following 3 criteria:

1. No burning pain:

For crystal lip spray technology, the experts at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center use a specialized, super-small needle tip and only impact with a depth of about 0,2 mm on the skin epidermis. Therefore, this method minimizes skin damage, does not cause pain for the client as well as discomfort during the minor surgery. In addition, before the procedure, the lip area will be numbed to ensure comfort during the tattooing process.

2. Doesn't take much time:

Compared to other methods, after the crystal lip tattoo is finished, you can immediately return to your current work and normal activities without spending much time resting, as long as you follow the instructions of the doctor. consultants are okay.

3. No side effects:

Crystal lip spray does not cause any side effects to the skin, does not leave scars, does not cause allergic reactions to the skin.

How to Choose the Right Lip Spray Method

The secret to choosing the right lip color for your age

After spraying crystal lips, you will quickly own a fresh, plump and full of vitality lips. Not only that, this method also minimizes the dryness of the lips due to the old tattooing method or the long-term use of leaded lipstick. However, in order for the lip color to be even, beautiful and natural, it depends on your age and the color you choose. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center suggests to you the most suitable colors when spraying crystal lips.

choose age-appropriate crystal lip spray color
How to choose the right lip color for your age

1. For young people (from 18 to 35):

You should choose bright tones such as pink orange, pink orange, pink, orange or watermelon color will help your lips be natural, plump and radiant all day.

2. For middle-aged people (36 - 55 years old):

We should choose orange-red, magenta or watermelon-red tones because red will help women become more youthful and brighter.

In addition, before applying ink, the less aesthetic lips need to be treated properly to ensure that the lips have a standard color and are durable over time.

Lip color suitable for the elderly
Lip spray color suitable for older people

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Currently, crystal lip spray has emerged as a trend that makes many women wonder because they do not know which color to spray to suit their face. Don't worry, come to Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, experts will give you free advice on the lip spray treatments as well as the most suitable lip color for you!

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