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Hello experts of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, I have read blog posts shared by sisters who have sprayed their eyelids to look older than before spraying. My eyes are a bit small so I'm planning to spray my eyelids but after reading that article I'm so confused Can the center help me answer the question of whether eyelid spray is old? I would like to thank the center.

(Kim Thu – 22 years old – HCMC)

Is eyelid spray old?
Spray eyelid


Hello Kim Thu, thank you for trusting and sending questions to our consulting column. Spraying eyelids is not old is a concern of not only Kim Thu but also a question of many girlfriends who are intending to implement this beauty method. To answer the above question, we would like to provide some information as follows:

Spray eyelid It is one of the most popular tattooing techniques today. By spraying tattoo ink on the eyelids, it will create sharp and natural eyelid edges without being pale and sparse. As a result, your eyes will look bigger and rounder. Instead of having to spend a lot of time sitting in front of the makeup table to apply eyeliner, this technique can completely replace that cumbersome makeup step.

Eyelid spray makes you look younger
Eyelid spray creates a very thin, balanced and youthful eyelid contour

Besides, you don't need to worry that eyelid spray will be old and stiff because this method creates a very thin, balanced, youthful eyelid contour and is just like you are applying makeup for your eyes. .

Especially for those of you with small eyes like you Spray eyelids open well suited. This technique will help you "cheat" out of the raised eyelids with a standard deviation of no more than 1 micrometer, making your eyes more glitter and more beautiful.

For those of you with bulging eyes, don't worry too much about whether eyelid spray is beautiful, because the answer is "yes". The highly skilled technicians at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center can draw "cheat" into the raised eyelids with the right standard deviation, making the eyes not bulge too much and look more beautiful.

After doing it, you will notice that your eyes become more attractive, your face stands out with the most sparkling and natural soul window possible. Many people who have done this method have been extremely satisfied with the results, becoming more confident with their appearance.

Eyelid Sculpting Tattooing Course at Miss Tram

What should I pay attention to when spraying eyelids?

Currently, there are many facilities and beauty centers that perform this method with many different prices to help you have a variety of choices. However, not all addresses are as prestigious, reliable and highly specialized as Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center.

At Miss Tram, we always put prestige and responsibility on the top, all stages from the process, implementation technique and inkjet ink quality are guaranteed to be the best. Most of the inkjet inks have all-natural extracts that do not contain toxins harmful to the skin and are imported directly from the US and Germany. In addition, with modern equipment and machinery, meeting hygiene standards; If you have a professional trained professional, you can rest assured when doing eyelid spray at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center.

Miss Tram is currently applying many advanced beauty technologies, the hottest of which is eyelid spray. Most customers when coming here are satisfied with the results because Miss Tram always promptly advises and helps customers choose the right criteria for them. We are committed to giving you a beautiful, delicate eyes as you desire without having to worry about whether eyelid spray is old or not.

Image of eyelid spray results at Miss Tram
Image of eyelid spray results at Miss Tram

Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center is always a reputable tattoo spray address - quality for women. These are the most effective shares that Miss Tram wants to send to you Thu as well as those of you who are intending to spray eyelids. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via hotline: 1900 7018 Let the experts be more specific.

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