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Safest Cosmetic Botox Injection Service Price in HCM

Cosmetic Botox injection service has blossomed in recent years because of its ability to improve beauty quickly and clearly without the need for rest or surgery. However, not all facilities provide reputable cosmetic botox injection services at reasonable costs.

Many years of working in the field of beauty, Miss Tram Dermatology Clinic Confidently providing quality, safe, and well-priced botox injection services. Let's learn about service information and quotes through the following article!

1 What is Botox Injection? Should I Inject Botox?

In aesthetics, Botox injections is the method of using the substance Botulinum toxin type A Prevents chemical signals from nerves, mainly signals that control muscle contractions for beauty purposes.

Jaw tightening botox injection price
What is Botox injection? Should you inject Botox for beauty?

Botox injections in beauty can bring some of the following benefits:

  • Reduce wrinkles: Botox is used primarily to reduce facial wrinkles, especially wrinkles caused by muscle contractions. Botox can reduce and reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes, and between the eyebrows, creating a more youthful and brighter appearance.
  • Lift and tighten skin: When injected into the muscle, Botox can reduce muscle contraction and create an immediate lifting effect that lifts the eyebrows, cheeks, and mouth; Shapes well and creates youthfulness for the face.
  • Change face shape: Botox is also used to change the shape of the face in some cases such as an unbalanced face, parts of the face that are too big or too small as expected...
  • Creates a slimming effect on the face: By injecting into the jaw or chin muscles, Botox reduces the contraction of the chin and jaw muscles, creating a slimmer face and a more defined chin angle.
  • No surgery required: The injection process is usually quick and less painful, and does not require a long recovery time like cosmetic surgery. This means that the injector can return to normal activities immediately after the injection.

2 Botox Injection Subjects

Botox injection subjects are people who have beauty needs and want to improve facial defects such as wrinkles, drooping eyelids, sagging...

Botox injection is a safe method, however, not everyone can inject botox. The following cases cannot be injected with Botox:

  • People with a history of cardiovascular disease, neurological diseases, blood disorders...
  • Pregnant and lactating women.
  • People who are allergic to ingredients in Botox.
  • People suffering from acute illnesses

3 Miss Tram Clinic's Safe Cosmetic Botox Injection Service in Ho Chi Minh

As a prestigious and professional dermatology clinic, gathering many qualified experts, doctors, and technicians, Miss Tram VietNam confidently bring to you Safe cosmetic botox injection service in Ho Chi Minh.

Currently, we are accepting injections Korean Botox (Botulax 100) , and USA (Allergan 100). These are two types of high quality Botox imported from reliable sources, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the injection process. (Refer to the Non-invasive beauty treatments most popular today).

Is botox injection harmful?
Is Botox injection harmful? is the question that women are most interested in

Botox injection process at Miss Tram Spa:

Step 1: Examination

  • Check and advise on suitable Botox injection solutions based on needs and facial condition to achieve optimal and natural results.

Step 2: Technician cleans and anesthetizes the skin

  • After agreeing on the botox injection plan, the technician cleans and anesthetizes the skin to ensure that the injection process is not too painful, does not cause infection, or affects the quality of service.

Step 3: Proceed with botox injection

  • Allows customers to check Botox information and packaging before injection.
  • After enough time has passed, the doctor will inject Botox as agreed.

Step 4: Disinfect and show customers the results

  • Clean and disinfect the skin area.
  • Show the client the results and advise on the notes to keep after injection.

Reasons you should choose Miss Tram for cosmetic Botox injections:

  • Maximize the benefits of Botox injections: treat wrinkles, tighten pores, slim the chin, align the face.
  • Performed by highly qualified doctors, limiting problems that arise during the injection process.
  • Follow hygiene rules and perform Botox injections according to standard medical procedures, avoiding the risk of infection and complications.
  • Reasonable and transparent prices before deciding to use the service.
  • The spa space is spacious and comfortable.
  • Thoughtful service warranty.

4 Price Quote for Botox Injection Service at Miss Tram Dermatology Clinic

Botox injection price of Miss Tram VietNam Quite competitive compared to the general market level. Depending on the type of botox used, injection prices vary.

American Botox injection service 10 million/ 1 area
Welding Botox injection service 5 million/ 1 area

note: The above price is updated in 2023, can be flexibly adjusted according to the market.

Botox injection price in HCM
Botox injections safely remove wrinkles and tighten facial skin

5 Things to Keep in Mind After Botox Injection

After Botox injection, you need to note the following points to ensure safety and best beauty results:

  • Avoid touching the injected area: After Botox injection, avoid touching the injected skin for at least the first 24 hours to prevent the botox from moving to unwanted areas.
  • Do not lie on your back or drink alcohol: For 4 hours after Botox injection, avoid lying on your back, lying on your side and drinking alcohol. This helps you avoid botox "flowing" to unwanted locations and causing side effects.
  • Avoid intense exercise: For 24 hours after botox injection, limit intense exercise or vigorous activity to avoid increasing blood flow and moving the botox elsewhere.
  • Do not use skin care products: For 24 hours after Botox injection, do not use skin care products containing harsh ingredients such as peeling or retinol. This helps avoid skin irritation and reduces the effectiveness of Botox.
  • Monitor for side effects: If you experience any side effects after Botox injections such as pain, swelling, itching or difficulty breathing, contact your doctor immediately for appropriate instructions.

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