What Is Mottled Hills? Basic Things To Know About Mottles

What Is Mottled Hills? Everything You Need to Know About Mottles

Maybe you don't know, melasma, freckles, age spots and tan These are skin conditions that appear due to the influence of the overproduction of melanin. In particular, age spots are considered the skin problem that worries most people, because in many cases, they can be confused with signs of skin cancer. Therefore, once the skin appears age spots, in addition to taking care and protecting the skin carefully, you need to regularly monitor this skin condition to make sure they are completely "benign".

So how is it that we so often forget to teach respect by respecting the children themselves? age spots What is really? Do they affect health? And Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Find out through the following article.

Everything You Need to Know About Mottles

What are age spots on the skin?

Turtle are small dark, oval spots that usually appear as small dots (larger in area than freckles). Usually, when they first appear, age spots are flat in shape. But in the long run, if there is no treatment, they will develop into thick and dark nodules, causing loss of aesthetics.

What causes age spots?
Prey spots on the skin are harmless but unsightly

Age spots most often appear on areas of skin that are often exposed to the sun such as hands, arms, toes, face, shoulders, and chest. In particular, this skin problem appears most at the age of 40, because the skin is often weak, fragile and vulnerable to the negative effects of UV rays. In addition, age spots can also appear at younger ages with constant sun exposure and careful skin protection.

So do age spots affect health? The answer is IS NOT, they are completely harmless. But this skin problem is very similar to the symptoms of skin cancer, so if you see any unusual changes in the color and shape of age spots, you need to see a doctor for an accurate assessment. (List the Subjects prone to pigmentation, freckles attack Best).

Causes of age spots

Just like skin problems such as melasma, freckles or tanning, age spots are formed by the process of overproduction of skin pigment - melanin. The main cause of this process is:

External factors:

The main cause is the impact of UV rays in the sun. UV rays cause lipid peroxidation of cell membranes and the generation of free radicals, which in turn stimulates the production of large amounts of excess melanin. If the skin's self-rejection ability is weakened (due to continuous exposure to sunlight, skin abrasion or aging), melanin easily accumulates on the skin, causing age spots.

In addition, if you use certain drugs and cosmetics that make your skin sensitive to the sun without protection and protection, your skin is also at high risk of age spots.

How to treat age spots safely
Direct exposure to the sun is one of the causes of spots

Internal factors:

Some causes such as genetics, hormonal disorders during pregnancy, and perimenopause also promote the production of melanin, increasing the likelihood of age spots.

In particular, some scientists also believe that poor nutrition and lack of exercise can also cause the appearance of these dark spots on the skin.

Methods of treating age spots

Although they do not affect health, age spots are unsightly, especially when they appear on the face, chest, shoulders, etc. Moreover, these dark spots can grow larger and thicker, causing itching, burning pain. Therefore, you can refer to the following treatments to get rid of age spots on the skin quickly:

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Treatment of age spots with removal methods

  • Chemical exfoliation: This method uses AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) to help promote the natural removal of dead skin cells. The use of AHAs applied to the skin with age spots regularly will help promote the regeneration of new cells and improve skin pigmentation very effectively.
  • Using the YAG . Laser treatment: With ultra-small wavelength, the laser will go deep into the skin, affecting the pigments in the deep layer without causing any damage. This technology will safely and quickly remove age spots, and also improve skin tone and firmness greatly.
  • IPL Energy Use: Similar to laser technology, the energy from the IPL device will create small wavelengths, capable of penetrating deep into the skin. With high heat, IPL energy will absorb melanin pigments, helping to remove age spots quickly and effectively.
How to effectively treat bait?
Treat spots with yag laser technology at spa

Treatment of age spots with correction methods

Although effective quickly, but the methods of removing age spots have many risks if you do not choose the right reputable treatment facility. Therefore, some mild age spots can use specialized skin care products to correct pigmentation. These products work to help whiten dark areas or slow down pigment production.

You can refer to some of the following products:

  • Vitamin C DerivativesVitamin C is proven to be effective in combating hyperpigmentation, making the skin more even and whiter after a period of use.
  • glycolic acid: This active ingredient has the effect of exfoliating, anti-aging, preventing acne and especially against hyperpigmentation very well.
  • Kojic acid: Kojic acid is a product of rice wine fermentation. This active ingredient has the ability to inhibit the melanin-forming enzyme, brighten the skin and remove age spots effectively after a period of use.

Note, any treatment method, you need to protect the skin very carefully in many forms. Because the skin during this time is very sensitive to the sun. If not protected, the treatment will be useless. (Refer: Does taking vitamin C really reduce dark spots?? See now the shares from the top experts in skin care).

How to prevent age spots effectively?

Just like melasma and freckles, age spots are also very difficult to remove if not treated properly. Therefore, their prevention is extremely important. Miss Tram would like to review the important notes to take care of the skin and prevent age spots in the most effective way:

Note when treating age spots
A healthy diet rich in green vegetables helps to keep the skin healthy and beautiful
  • Always make sure your skin is protected from the sun with sunscreen, coats, masks, hats, etc.
  • Skin needs to be kept hydrated to stay healthy and even-toned.
  • It is necessary to add a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and a nutritious diet, especially in the summer to ensure that the body is always full of vitamins and strengthens the skin's resistance.
  • Have a moderate exercise and living regimen to balance hormones, limit the cause of melasma and age spots from within.

The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center What you need to know about age spots on the skin. Although age spots appear most at the age of 40, but if you do not know how to take care and protect your skin carefully, at any age, your skin is also at risk of appearing these unsightly dark spots. Therefore, please understand and take measures to prevent tortoiseshell in the most effective way. Wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin!

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