19 Years Old Should I Get Eyebrow Tattooing? Memorize

Should I tattoo my eyebrows when I am 19 years old?

What's the Right Age for Eyebrow Tattooing?


Hello Miss Tram! My name is Quyen, 19 years old this year and a freshman. I am quite self-conscious when entering a new environment where everyone is beautiful. Many times I want to tattoo my eyebrows because this is the biggest defect on my face (my eyebrows are both short and thin). But I still hesitate, afraid of getting old because I think tattooing is not suitable for my age. Please Miss Tram advise me what age eyebrow tattoo is suitable. Thank you! (Ngoc Quyen – 19 years old – Ninh Thuan)


Hello Quyen! Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center is happy to receive your questions. With the question "Should I tattoo my eyebrows at 19?" Miss Tram would like to clarify the following two issues:

1. Current cosmetic methods of eyebrows

According to Quyen's question, you probably still don't know the current eyebrow cosmetic methods. Because you are wondering about whether to tattoo your eyebrows or not? But eyebrow tattooing has been an outdated and rarely used method in recent years - when embroidery and sculpting techniques developed. So, let's take a look at the current eyebrow cosmetic methods:

Current cosmetic methods of eyebrows
Current cosmetic methods of eyebrows

What is eyebrow tattoo?

Tattooing is a method of using a needle dipped in tattoo ink and then pierced through the skin to bring the ink deep inside. You can imagine this is a method similar to tattooing on the body. The specialist will draw the eyebrow frame first, then use a specialized needle to put the ink deep through the skin to complete the mold.

This method, although low cost, long lasting, but has many risks such as: easy to cause infection, long recovery time due to using old tools and techniques.

In particular, eyebrow tattooing will make your eyebrows bold and stiff, so you will feel that your face is aged and somewhat fierce.

What is eyebrow spray?

Eyebrow spray is an improved technology from the above traditional eyebrow tattoo. With the form of using a sprayer with a specially designed needle, the eyebrow mold will be formatted, and the ink will be brought down by the needles with sophisticated lines in the form of fibers, down towards the tail of the eyebrow.

This method uses new tools and techniques so there is no pain or injury. In particular, the eyebrows will be smoother, softer and more elegant than the old tattoo technology before.

Eyebrow spray is suitable for girls who often wear makeup because of their youthful sharpness. So, completely suitable for Quyen's age.

What is eyebrow embroidery?

Eyebrow embroidery is a more meticulous form than eyebrow spraying. The technicians will use specialized embroidery needles to create each eyebrow interlaced with the customer's real eyebrow. So the eyebrows will look natural, soft.

At Miss Tram, modern eyebrow embroidery techniques have been successfully transferred and applied. These techniques bring natural beauty, softness and suitable for all ages, all faces. So this is also an ideal choice for you.

What is your sculpture?

Eyebrow sculpting is an advanced technology for eyebrow threading, which is currently a popular trend among young people. This technique does not put ink into the skin with a conventional tattoo machine, but uses a micro-engraving knife to bring the ink onto the skin.

Because it gives the most natural and sharpest eyebrows on the face, suitable for both men, this method eyebrow cosmetic This is suitable for all subjects.

Which Eyebrow Aesthetic Method Should Be Right For You

2. Is there an age limit for eyebrow cosmetic surgery?

With the above shares of Miss Tram VietNam, Quyen must have understood somewhat about the current eyebrow cosmetic techniques. The methods of spraying embroidery and sculpting are all new, improved beauty techniques and are suitable for almost all subjects. Modern eyebrow spraying techniques with micro-needle needles will bring you a pair of sharp eyebrows, flexible, natural and bring the most harmony on the face. So, do not worry that cosmetic eyebrow tattooing will be old or not.

Beautify eyebrows
Beautify eyebrows

However, in addition to modern tattooing and sculpting techniques, the results of the eyebrows after spraying are also affected by the following factors:

  • Is the eyebrow shape suitable for the face?
  • Is the ink color in harmony with skin color, hair color or not?
  • Does the technician have a standard needle?

To ensure the above factors, you need to choose a reputable cosmetic facility with a team of highly skilled technicians, with delicate aesthetic eyes and enthusiastic advice. That way, you will have the right eyebrow shape and the best results after spraying on the best standard color.

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In particular, this is a non-surgical beauty method, so it is completely applied when the customer is 18 years old or older. For those under the age of 18, parental permission is required.

With the above shares of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, hope Quyen will understand more about the current methods of beautifying eyebrows. And of course, they are perfect for you. But to get the most perfect eyebrows, you need to choose reputable cosmetic facilities like Miss Tram.

By a reputable unit will ensure the use of modern tattoo spraying tools and techniques, safe implementation process and especially a team of highly skilled technicians. Hope this article will be useful to you. Wish you always confident with your beauty!


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