The results of using the non-treatment process even acne, pitted scars

Before & After Treating Deep Acne, Pimple Scars With Non-metallic Therapy For Miss H At Miss Tram Spa

Results of Treatment of Deep Acne, Pimple Scars with Non-metallic Therapy for Miss H at Miss Tram

The results of acne treatment after more than 3 months of perseverance from Miss Tram's guests are here, everyone. From status The skin was very weak at first, acne appeared densely on the temples, forehead and chin, now, after the acne treatment at Miss Tram VietNamMs. H's skin has improved a lot.

Before performing the non-metallic procedure
Before the non-metallic procedure, the skin was acne-prone and had large pores.
Before using non-metallic treatment
Before using the non-metallic procedure, the skin had many bruises and pitted scars.
Before non-metallic skin treatment
Before non-metallic skin treatment, acne darkens and dulls.

Customers have a look, The skin is clear of acne and dark spots, pitted scars also gradually disappear. when the The skin is clear of acne, pitted scars H just needs to focus on regular skin care.

After performing the non-metallic procedure
After the non-metallic procedure, the skin is bright and smooth and the pores are minimized.
After performing the non-metallic procedure
After performing the non-metallic process, the skin was clear of acne, pitted scars.

Acne treatment is a continuous and enduring process So please be very patient with your skin, everyone.

I'm so happy to receive the result image of Ms. H. Miss Tram VietNam Congratulations H on your current results.

If your skin is also having similar problems, then send us a message right away Miss Tram VietNam for specific advice.”

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