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According to statistics from the page Everydayhealth shows: “Among people with acne, there are 92% the rate of acne on the face and 60% the rate of acne on the back". This number shows that the number of people with back acne is as common as the face area.

Not only in the back but in many cases also have acne In both the chest and neck area, this causes not only itching, discomfort, but also cosmetic effects.

The following experts at Miss Tram will accompany us to learn about the issues related to the notes acne “unlikable” in these positions with the goal of "understand acne to treat acne" .

Why Do You Get Acne – Back Folliculitis?

Regarding the mechanism, acne Whether it occurs on the face or on the body, the cause is the same. That is, increased oil secretion is more work pores blocked by the dense stratum corneum, creating favorable conditions for bacteria to grow, leading to acne formation. However, acne on the body has differences compared to acne on facial skin. “The acne on the chest and back will be different from the acne on the face. These are called folliculitis – a condition in which the pores become infected".

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  • The first and most common cause is still overactive sebaceous glands. Leads to inflammation and then darkening.
  • If your family members back acne, you are also at risk due to genetic factors
  • Unreasonable diet such as eating a lot of available foods, sweets such as confectionery or eating too much fried, oily, spicy food.
  • Irritation to products such as soaps and fabric softeners. If you regularly get pimples on your back, it's a good idea to get them checked.
  • Do not shower at the right time after a workout session that allows sweat to stay on the skin for too long.
  • Use how to treat back acne Wrong way leads to more severe acne.
  • Clothes and underwear that are too tight or you wear a backpack for a long time will cause friction and excess sweat acne on back.
  • The habit of touching and squeezing acne will make back acne There is an ever-increasing risk of infection.
  • Regularly loosening your hair, letting your hair fall, causing rubbing and secreting the back area, creating favorable conditions for those acne nodules ugly formed.
  • Or hormone changes or prolonged stress can also cause acne on the body

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3 Other Places On The Body Also Often Face Acne Symptoms – Folliculitis

Acne – Folliculitis on Chest

Professional back acne treatment beauty salon in HCM

Acne on the chest is a problem that many people face, both men and women can get acne in these areas.

Acne – Folliculitis on Legs/Hands

The most effective way to treat back acne

Pores in hands and feet seems simple but persistent and uncomfortable because of the rough, unsightly skin

Acne – Folliculitis in Buttock

High quality folliculitis treatment method hcm

Pimples on the buttocks, although not life-threatening, cause inconvenience in daily life and psychology for many people

Distinguishing Types of Back Acne – Common Folliculitis

Whiteheads: Also called Acne Closed, whiteheads develop beneath the skin, forming white bumps on the skin's surface.

+ Blackheads: When an acne cyst forms on the surface of the skin, it develops into blackhead, also called Acne open. The appearance of this type of acne is caused by a reaction between sebum and the air, not by dirt clogging the pores.

+ Pustules: is a form inflammatory acne but inside is filled with white or yellow pus.

Inflammatory acne: are the notes small acne pink, soft, very hard to see the kernel.

The secret to treating back acne, folliculitis

+ Acne: This type of acne is the most difficult to treat. It forms when the area under the skin is damaged, hardens to form a hard nodule, causing pain and easy to leave deep scars, concave scars.

Folliculitis: Status back folliculitis is a phenomenon where the hair follicles in this area are infected by bacteria, staphylococcus. Expression folliculitis on the back are: On the back appear many red nodules, there is an itchy, uncomfortable feeling in the back. If severe, the nodules will become boils, nails on the back, leaving dark spots, scars... Although the disease is not dangerous, if it is not treated properly and promptly, folliculitis It can develop into a chronic infection, causing an infection deep in the skin that can even spread to the lymph nodes and into the bloodstream.

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Back Acne Tips – Natural Folliculitis

Fresh Lime

The best quality way to treat back acne

This is acne treatment The back area is very simple, you just need to cut a lemon and rub it directly on the acne-affected skin, leave it for 10 minutes and then wash it off with warm water. Will do 1-2 times per week.


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Use a ripe tomato, cut it in half and rub it on acne-prone skin, leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse.

Grain salt

Is it reputable or not to treat miss tram back acne?

You can soak yourself in a bath mixed with granulated salt for 20-30 minutes. If your skin is oily, simply pat dry without applying any additional skin care products. But if your skin is dry, you should apply a light moisturizer on your back after showering.

You can also use a spray bottle, spray diluted salt water on the acne areas 1-2 times / day. Done regularly, they will have a significant effect.


How to treat dark back acne

Oatmeal is one of the beneficial ingredients for dry, oily, even aging skin. It helps to clean, improve acne-prone skin and dark scars. You just need to mix oatmeal with honey to form a paste, then apply to the acne area for 5 minutes, use a cotton ball to rub the back area, about 5-10 minutes later, take a bath with warm water. You should do this twice a week for the best effect.

Tea tree oil

How to treat back acne effectively in miss tram

Using tea tree oil is a measure back acne treatment quickly, without worrying about side effects. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, skin cleansing and acne treatment.

Mint leaf

Peppermint essential oil has pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and anti-inflammatory properties Acne. The coolness of this leaf also helps reduce itching and makes the skin firmer. First, wash a handful of mint leaves and crush them to get the juice, then apply it on the back acne, leave for about 10-15 minutes and wash off with water.

Advantages of Back Acne Treatment - Folliculitis From Nature

  • Easy to find ingredients
  • Low cost
  • Can be done at home

Cons of Back Acne Treatment - Folliculitis From Nature

  • Not recommended for people with very thin and sensitive skin.
  • May make skin sensitive to the sun because of the acidity in natural products
  • Requires a lot of time, needs to be persistent
  • Only suitable for some cases of acne – folliculitis has just formed and is mild

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1. Acne Control – Folliculitis With Bio-Omega Light

Today, the development of modern medicine and technology has produced many Back acne treatment - folliculitis fast. Inside, back acne treatment by biological light Omega light was FDA (USA) certified for effectiveness and safety.


  • The wavelengths of light will break the membrane that covers the acne nucleus, destroy the acne nucleus and remove the bacteria located deep in the hair follicle.
  • Omega Light also helps balance oil secretion and keratinization of hair follicles, stimulates blood circulation, and enhances nutrients.
  • Increase collagen and elastin, help regenerate new cells, fade dark spots, heal damage.
  • The cost is quite low, suitable for all subjects

Prestigious Effective Back Acne Treatment Spa In Ho Chi Minh City Endorsed


  • Only deal with acne on the surface of the skin
  • The effectiveness of acne removal depends on the technique of the specialist at each facility
  • Need to maintain regularly 1-2 weeks / time with special treatment products to bring effective

Treatment time: From 3 to 10 times depending on skin condition

Cost: From 390,000 VND to 1,500,000 VND / time depending on the facility

2. Acne Control – Folliculitis With Non-Needle/Needle Technology


  • The non-needle and needle-rolling method is the use of micro-sized needles to create microscopic false lesions on the back skin, these micropoints will stimulate the skin's natural healing mechanism, from The skin is regenerated, collagen production is increased 1000% times, as well as helps the skin absorb nutrients up to 3000% times compared to conventional skin care treatments.
  • Non-needle, micro-needle also contributes to stimulate epidermal regeneration, proliferation of Keratinocyte (the stratum corneum of the skin) and stem cells. At that time, the Keratin layer is pushed upwards and forms a layer called the epidermis that protects the body under the influence of the surrounding environment.
  • Because of these outstanding regenerative advantages, the non-needle and microneedle microneedling procedures are applied to the acne treatment regimen of the face, back and other skin areas on the body to help the skin regenerate and tighten pores and increase self-protection.
  • The method brings effective treatment of dark spots, quickly evens out skin tone after the acne on the back is no longer inflammatory acne
  • Quick effect, clearly feel the smooth white back area after each application

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  • It is only done when the treated skin area does not have pus-filled acne
  • It is necessary to choose a reputable treatment facility to avoid infections and skin damage after the procedure
  • The cost of treatment is quite high compared to normal acne

Treatment time: From 1 to 6 times depending on skin condition

Cost: From 3,000,000 VND to 8,000,000 VND / time depending on the facility

3. Acne Control – Folliculitis With Fractional CO2 Laser


  • The method of absolute removal of acne, folliculitis, dark spots, is highly effective, even for long-standing back acne.
  • Fractionla Co2 laser technology is FDA-approved for safety and effectiveness for those who need treatment.
  • Effectively regenerates the skin, stimulates collagen growth, rejuvenates the skin to help the skin naturally white and pink.
  • The course of treatment for acne, dark spots and folliculitis is much shorter than other methods.
  • No abstinence, no downtime after treatment.

Prestigious Effective Back Acne Treatment Spa In Ho Chi Minh City Endorsed


  • The effect depends on the machine generation of each facility and the treatment product after micropoint activation
  • The cost of treatment is quite high compared to normal acne

Treatment time: From 1 to 6 times depending on skin condition

Cost: From 3,000,000 VND to 8,000,000 VND / time depending on the facility

Above, Miss Tram has sent you detailed information to help remove acne, folliculitis of the back as well as other locations on the body. To treat back acne effectively, you need to understand the cause and be consulted with the appropriate treatment.

With a team of experts, experts with many years of experience, modern and advanced medical equipment and machinery system in the cosmetic industry. Over the past 17 years, Miss Tram has helped more than 17.500 customers confidently with acne-free skin, including more than 5000 customers experiencing acne, folliculitis on the back as well as other places on the body.

Before starting the course, you will be directly examined and analyzed by a specialist at the Center, analyzing the condition, level of acne, folliculitis, thereby giving the appropriate treatment plan as well as the level of commitment in the literature. accompanying version.

Prestigious Effective Back Acne Treatment Spa In Ho Chi Minh City Endorsed

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Back Acne Treatment Process at Miss Tram

With Mild Acne

Step 1: Clean your back with premium cleaning products extracted from natural ingredients

Step 2: Exfoliate the back skin

Step 3: Hot steam with lemon conditioner helps soften skin and open pores

Step 4: Absorb sebum, remove acne kernels with standard medical tools that do not cause skin inflammation

Step 5: Disinfect the acne skin area with a medical solution

Step 6: Going to antibacterial purple electricity for the skin to reduce swelling, support the skin to recover faster

Step 7: Spraying pure fresh oxygen is brought deep into skin cells to help fight inflammation and eliminate toxins under the skin

Step 8: Apply a mask to treat acne on the back with Omega Light biological light

Step 9: Apply special products to treat acne, folliculitis, and dark spots on the back

For Moderate - Severe Acne

  • Flexibly apply all 3 Treatment Methods above to bring the best treatment effect
  • Depending on the level of acne, folliculitis, you will be flexibly converted Weekly method to help collect acne, treat inflammation, clean sebum => Remove acne => Laser to treat inflammation, stimulate skin Fast recovery, dimming => Non-metallic / Needle roller helps to regenerate bright and smooth skin, enhance elasticity, rejuvenate skin
  • Customers are guaranteed treatment results with a warranty card of up to 1 year which is redeemed by using regular skin care services every 2 weeks after the end of the course.

Prestigious Effective Back Acne Treatment Spa In Ho Chi Minh City Endorsed

Back Acne Expert Advice

  • Do not try to touch the acne skin on your back
  • Do not apply acne cream without understanding the side effects
  • Do not stay up late
  • Drink enough water
  • Do not eat hot spicy food
  • Clean body
  • Do not wear clothes that are too tight when exercising
  • Change clothes immediately after training
  • Wash blankets and pillows before use

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[Frequently Asked Questions When Treating Back Acne – Folliculitis]

Question 1: Hello Center, my back is uncomfortable and itchy but I don't know if it's folliculitis or acne, is there any way to tell the difference?

Hi, here are the common symptoms of people with back folliculitis for your convenience: 

  • The skin appears urticaria, inflammatory acne (may have pus) inside.
  • Dark red inflammatory spots.
  • Rough bumps on dorsal surface.
  • Itching or burning pain in the area of ​​the nodule, soft to the touch, may burst pus if applied force.
  • Ingrown or twisted hair at the inflamed pore, inside contains pus.
  • Skin feels stinging and burning to the touch

In addition to the above symptoms, folliculitis can develop with many different signs depending on each person, you should arrange a time to visit the Center to be examined and guide the appropriate treatment!

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Question 2: Hi Miss Tram, my daughter is 16 years old this year, recently her back has begun to show signs of forming nodules like acne causing itchiness and discomfort. Let me ask if the baby's back has only formed a few acne spots, can it be controlled at home, I hope Miss Tram will answer!

Dear Miss Tram hello, in this case of the baby, there is a high possibility that the sebaceous glands are overactive during puberty, leading to clogged pores causing acne. The center shares with you how to fix it at homeTo improve the condition of acne, folliculitis on the baby's back when Recently, the condition has not become serious, complicated development is as follows:

  • ✓ Clean the body after exercising with a lot of sweat.
  • ✓ Eliminate harsh cleaning products that are not friendly to the skin. You should replace your baby's shower gel at home with a specialized back bath powder to help clean dirt, sweat, excess oil on the skin and prevent the inflammatory acne process from spreading.
  • ✓ Do not scratch, scratch, or rub vigorously on the skin affected by folliculitis to prevent the inflammatory pus from breaking and spreading to neighboring skin. At that time, the inflammatory acne spots become more ulcerated, infected and make the acne situation more complicated and difficult to treat.
  • ✓ Do not squeeze or squeeze acne to avoid leaving unwanted dark scars.
  • ✓ Drink enough water every day, limit the amount of sweet foods, should add more green vegetables and fiber.
  • ✓ Wear breathable clothing.

However, you should take your baby to reputable cosmetic facilities to be examined, checked and controlled in time so that acne does not spread widely, causing inflammation, leaving you dark!

Prestigious Effective Back Acne Treatment Spa In Ho Chi Minh City Endorsed

Question 3: Hi Center, can I ask how long does a back acne treatment usually last and does it take time to rest? I am a male, will it affect the treatment process?

Miss Tram hello, the time for a course will depend on the level of my back acne and folliculitis. If your acne condition is newly formed, you can treat acne each time with Omega Light biological light 3 -5 times, each time 1 week apart, combined with using bath products and applying is effective.

In addition, if the condition of your back has spread widely, leaving a long-term darkening, the treatment will take 3-6 months by flexible methods of Needling/Non-Needle/Co2 Fractional Laser with Special product for back acne, folliculitis. Men in the back area often sweat a lot due to regular exercise, you just need to pay attention to keep the back area clean and airy to help achieve the best effect, the treatment process does not take time to rest. and there is no pain or swelling, so I can rest assured to participate in the right treatment regimen!

Prestigious Effective Back Acne Treatment Spa In Ho Chi Minh City Endorsed

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