Acne Treatment With Green Laser Technology Report

Acne Treatment With Green Laser Technology

Is acne treatment with Green Laser/Blue Light technology really effective?

Green Laser/Blue Light technology has long been evaluated as an active and safe acne treatment technology. But is this technology really as effective as rumored? Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will give you the answer through the following article.

Is Green Laser technology effective for acne treatment - Effective acne treatment with Green Laser technology

1. Acne, which is a fairly common condition on the skin, has many causes for our skin to break out:

  • The body suffers from lack of sleep, fatigue, stress, prolonged stress
  • The diet is not applied, excess sugar, high fat and hot spicy substances cause heat to the body
  • Acne can be inherited from parents to children
  • Polluted environment, change of water source
  • Poor skin care regimen
  • Allergic to cosmetics

Mild types of acne such as acne bran, blackhead, white filamentous acne, ... does not cause inflammation, pain and does not affect daily activities much. But severe types of acne such as pustules, cystic acne, eel vessels can be painful, cause skin infections and leave pitted scars, seriously affecting aesthetics. Depending on the type of acne, we have treatment methods.

For mild forms of acne, you can "treat" yourself at home and regularly go to Spas for intensive skin care. But with severe types of acne, it is best to go to reputable acne treatment centers to get a skin examination and have an appropriate treatment course with advanced acne treatment technologies. Inside, Green Laser/Blue Light technology Acne treatment technology is trusted and chosen by many people.

Effective Acne Treatment Stages Trị

Blue Light: It is a technology that uses a blue light strip with a special wavelength that shines directly on the acne-affected skin to eliminate acne-causing bacteria and treat acne thoroughly.

Acne treatment with Green Laser technology is effective after the treatment, leaving no scars, dark spots and preventing acne from returning.

Green Laser: As a superior acne treatment technology, using light to help break up acne, regulate oil glands to help prevent acne formation. At the same time, this technology also helps to tighten pores, remove dark spots to help skin recover quickly

Although effective in treating acne, this technology only works to address acne on the surface of the skin, not enough to prevent the formation of new acne spots.

2. What technology should be used to treat acne?

Effective acne treatment with Green Laser technology - The most effective, safe and advanced acne treatment technology today - Laser acne treatment is one of the therapies that are evaluated as ... and different technologies, depending on the extent and purpose of the treatment.

To treat acne completely and prevent acne thoroughly, you should use Fractional CO2 Laser micro-point activation technology, which is considered an advanced acne treatment technology, bringing high efficiency.

Fractional CO2 Laser Micropoint Activation Technology Using a wavelength of 10.600 nm, it is able to penetrate deep into the dermis to remove acne-causing bacteria, regulate sebum on the skin and effectively antibacterial. Better yet, this wavelength only affects the acne skin without invasiveness to the surrounding healthy skin, so you can be completely assured.

In addition to the effect of treating acne, anti-inflammatory, the CO2 laser also stimulates tissue proliferation collagen, thereby beautifying the skin, rejuvenating the skin, treating scars after acne.

With Fractional CO2 Laser, acne will be reduced quickly, the skin will be whiter and more youthful. Not only that, these waves work deep and in the skin, thoroughly preventing the formation of new acne spots.

Just by having a reasonable diet, living and treating acne with Green Laser technology, you will get a smooth, bright skin.

You know, choosing the wrong treatment can make acne worse and wreak havoc on our skin mercilessly. So if you can have acne, especially severe acne, you should go to acne treatment facilities to get proper skin care.

Although Green Laser / Blue Light has the ability to effectively treat acne, it does not completely treat acne, causing acne to recur. Therefore, if you want to say "goodbye" to your acne family, you should use advanced acne treatment technology that activates the CO2 Fractional Laser micropoint. However, at present, there are only a few reputable units such as Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center enough to provide this service.

Choose the Acne Treatment That's Right For You

If you need more information about Fractional CO2 Laser as well as how to properly care for acne skin, you can contact Miss Tram directly to schedule an appointment for a skin exam and receive useful advice from leading estheticians. Vietnam head.

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