Dark Skin Treatment Treatment For Women Over 40 Ideas

Dark Skin Treatment Course For Women Over 40 years old XNUMX

[Q & A] Darkening and Dark Skin Treatment for Women over 40 years old

Dark skin treatment for women over 40
Technology to treat dark skin for women over 40 at Miss Tram

Hello! Miss Tram thank you very much for taking the time to send questions to TeamMissTram.

The "painful" problem you brought up must also be receiving a lot of attention from U40 sisters and mothers.

Darkening is an abnormal change in skin color caused by an overproduction of melanin. These dark pigments appear on the skin as small brown spots and can spread around, commonly known as age spots, tanning, or darkening of the skin.. The main cause of this darkening is: caused by the UVA and UVB rays present in the sun. Places they usually appear: hands, face, neck area, cheekbones.

To overcome dark skin caused by sun, melasma or freckles at the root, Laser Yag technology at Miss Tram can completely do this.

The YAG laser has an extremely short pulse, about 6 billionths of a second, which is considered to be the "refiner" of darkening when using at the same time two wavelengths of 1nm and 1064nm to directly impact dark pigments to bring Instant double effect.

The 1064nm wavelength affects the melasma pigments in the deep dermis and dermis to eliminate the root of melasma, the 532nm wavelength acts on the shallower layer, causing the dark pigments on the skin surface to absorb energy. quantity and breaks down into countless tiny particles, which are excreted to the outside by a natural mechanism.

YAG laser technology also stimulates collagen and elastin production, improves skin tone and helps skin become white and smooth. To be able to better understand this process, contact Miss Tram immediately because the skin specialist will directly explain and support you in detail!

Offer: The Secret To Reversing Skin Aging At The Age Of 40 Effectively

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