Surprising results before and after collagen lip sculpting

Before & After Collagen Crystal Lip Sculpting For Sister T At Miss Tram

Collagen Crystal Lip Sculpting Results For Sister T At Miss Tram

Dark lips, poor color is what Ms. T is facing, Ms. T confided that she always wanted to have a bright and bright lips, and it was a pleasure when Ms. T chose Miss Tram Spa This is the place to bring beauty to her lips.

Welcoming Ms. T on a beautiful morning, after being consulted by a team of skilled KTVs to handle collagen crystal lip sculpting, she agreed to do it right away.

After just over 1 hour of implementation, KTV gave her unexpected results. Lips look so much fresher now, the color is natural Exactly as you requested. It's not a waste to wait for the couple T ha.

Before sculpting collagen crystal lips
Before sculpting the collagen crystal lips, the lip color was faded and lacked vitality.
After sculpting collagen crystal lips
After sculpting collagen crystal lips, the lips are naturally colored and smooth.

Congratulations to Miss T on this result, everyone who likes lip style like T should direct Miss Tram right away!

Don't hesitate #How/ Inbox or call #HOTLINE 1900 7018 For advice on all your questions about the service, please:

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