Why Sculpting Your Eyebrows Feels Uneven in Color Revealed

Why Sculpting Your Eyebrows Feels Uneven in Color


Uneven color on both sides after eyebrow sculpting

 Sculpting eyebrows with natural fibers is a beauty method for eyebrows using modern technology that can give customers natural beautiful eyebrows, lines that are in harmony with the face.

However, a few cases that have not been handled very skillfully, received by Miss Tram in the past time, are in a state of "sculpting to see that the two eyebrows are not the same color"? Today, let's take the time to learn about the cause and how to fix it in this case!

There are many reasons for the uneven color of the eyebrows, but Miss Tram shares 03 common reasons:

– The color mixing process, people do not stir carefully, so the ink does not dissolve completely.

- The needlework technique of the worker is still weak and cannot create a definitive level for the ink to adhere to the skin.

– And finally, due to the alignment of the needles on both sides of the eyebrows, they do not correspond, one side does it quickly, the other side takes longer.

To handle the above situation, it is necessary to choose a reputable beauty facility, a highly skilled professional to fix it (If the old unit does not meet the needs, please)

Some experiences of Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center Hope the above has provided you with a lot of useful information. Wish you soon have the most beautiful and satisfied eyebrows!

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