Spraying and Sculpting Must Shave All Real Eyebrows Advice

Spraying and Sculpting Must Shave All Real Eyebrows?

|Question – Answer| Heard that “If you spray or sculpt, you have to shave all your real eyebrows, right?

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Through each meeting with a customer, Miss Tram often has a habit of collecting comments that contribute both praise and criticism, "hard" questions of each customer to share and provide useful information to customers. everybody.

Yesterday, a customer told Miss Tram that she had to consider many times when deciding make beautiful eyebrows because "I heard that if you spray or sculpt, you'll have to shave off your real eyebrows“. If that's the case, I'm really sorry and won't do it." After listening, Miss Tram was also startled and fell back, not knowing where that "rumor" came from.

So must publicly affirm to her and all customers of Miss Tram are:

  • The motto of Miss Tram over the past 15 years is "bringing natural beauty, harmony and absolute satisfaction to its customers." Candlestick IS NOT There is a thing that shaves off all the real eyebrows but will make the most of the real eyebrows in the beauty process.
  • Before embarking on each specific procedure, the Specialist will conduct appropriate eyebrow alignment according to the GOLDEN RATE of each person's face. After that, the excess part around will be neatly trimmed and then Sprayed or Sculpted.
  • Thanks to keeping the real eyebrows, after Spraying or Sculpting, customers will immediately own natural eyebrows that are difficult to realize that they have undergone cosmetic surgery.

Now, is everyone safe to be beautiful? If you still have any questions that need to be answered, feel free to send them to Miss Tram because the center has a whole team of consultants who are working very hard and enthusiastically.

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