Surprise the result of eyebrow sculpting Hairstroke

Before & After Hairstoke For Miss QM At Miss Tram Spa

Hairstoke Results For Miss QM At Miss Tram Spa

It's late but still… see feedback Miss Tram VietNam. Just kidding, but such excellent feedback must be admired, customers.

Nay Miss Tram VietNam I would like to introduce to you all the results after Hairstroke for QM customer. The whole family can see her original eyebrows messy growth, bold in the head but pale in the tail, overall no highlight. Ms. QM loves the glamorous style but still has to look natural, but this Hairstroke method is right for her. Come on, let's work with KTV to beautify your eyebrows.

Just done, QM also shared that she knew Miss Tram VietNam It's been a long time, many of my friends also work at Miss Tram VietNam I'm so happy that I didn't come until today. And after more than 1 hour, it was also done for her, oh my god I said excellent results, look at you"West"Sure, it's the eyebrows that make me look real seductive.

After sculpting Hairstroke
After performing Hairstroke eyebrow sculpting, the eyebrow color is very "western" and attractive.
After sculpting Hairstroke
After sculpting Hairstroke, the eyebrow shape is clear and the eyebrow arch is soft.

Miss Tram VietNam Thank you QM for today's meeting, next time have the opportunity to visit Miss Tram VietNam next sister!"

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