Hairstroke sculpting results

Before & After Hairstroke Sculpting For Sister T At Miss Tram

Hairstroke Sculpting Results For Sister T At Miss Tram Spa

Stay at the quarantine house but don't know what to do, go in fanpage Miss Tram VietNam See the super beauty results, customers!!!

As a result of Hairstroke method but Miss Tram's KTV put on this model, for example, what do we say we love? Let's look at the picture of Ms. T Before getting into work Which eyebrow: Pale eyebrows, quite messy growth without accents

Before sculpting eyebrows Hairstroke
Before the Hairstroke sculpt, the eyebrows were messy and the shape was not good.

And then let's have a look The result when KTV "creates the definition" is complete Hey, T's eyebrows now look SUPERNATURAL, The eyebrow form meets the golden ratio standard, each eyebrow is smooth and sharp. Your beautiful face is more radiant thanks to Hairstroke method very hot.

After sculpting Hairstroke
After sculpting Hairstroke, each eyebrow is smooth and the eyebrow form is clearly visible.
After sculpting Hairstroke
After performing Hairstroke eyebrow sculpting, the eyebrow shape is naturally beautiful.

How many points do you rate for this result? Let's comment below. Oh, don't forget to choose a beauty method so that we can meet again!

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