Hairstroke sculpting results

Before & After Brow Sculpting Hairstoke For Sister T At Miss Tram

Hairstoke Sculpting Results For Sister T At Miss Tram Spa

“Is appearance that important? Is appearance so important?”

That's right, for women, looks are very important. That's why every year Miss Tram VietNam welcome thousands of customers to "invest" in that beauty.

And today out of many customers visiting beauty salon Miss Tram VietNam Please share the results with everyone Hairstroke Super good for Miss T!

T's eyebrows are quite even, however overgrownN and The eyebrow shape is not suitable for the face sister's. After the KTV consulted and performed Hairstroke, the result was very satisfactory when sister's.

Ms. T after working, you still make an appointment to visit next time Miss Tram VietNam Let's make it more beautiful, see you next time T! Customers, if anyone loves your form like Ms. T, inbox Miss Tram VietNam advise.

Hairstroke sculpting results
The result of sculpting hairstroke eyebrows, the eyebrows are clearly defined, the golden ratio standard eyebrow shape is especially harmonious with the face

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