Hairstroke sculpting results

Before & After Brow Sculpting HairStroke For Sister L At Miss Tram

Hairstroke Result Photo For Sister L At Miss Tram Spa

Hello Customers New day, Miss Tram VietNam still doing serious epidemic prevention but also always update new models and send real eyebrow sculpture results to everyone.

Looking back at the results of KTV Miss Tram after Hairstroke The eyebrows for Ms. L are so excellent that you have to show them off to the customer right away. Sister L came to Miss Tram VietNam With the desire to beautify the eyebrows in the most natural way by her eyebrows quite pale, sparseBecause she is often busy with work, she wants to beautify her eyebrows so that she can save the most time.

After being consulted by KTV, she chose Hairstroke method most modern today. Also a lot of customers texted and asked Miss Tram that "What advantages does Hairstroke have to make it so hot?Then invite guests to see the results below.

Each of your eyebrows is KTV go very naturally, Eyebrows intertwine to create a gentle beauty but no less attractive. Especially this method no swelling or pain what Guest.

Sculpting eyebrows hairstroke
Hairstroke eyebrow sculpture, each eyebrow is soft and gentle by KTV.
Make hairstoke eyebrow sculpting
Performing the Hairstoke eyebrow sculpting, the eyebrow shape is clearly visible
Sculpting eyebrows Hairstroke
Sculpting Hairstroke eyebrows, beautiful natural eyebrows.
Hairstroke sculpting technology
Hairstroke treatment technology, super beautiful eyebrows without redness.

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