Before & After Hairstroke Sculpting For Sister T At Miss Tram Spa

Photo of Hairstroke Sculpting Results for Sister T at Miss Tram Spa

The "fever" is named Hairstroke too "pleased" with home guests Miss Tram VietNam Everyone, every day guests come to ask for this surreal eyebrow method.

And today Miss T came to Miss Tram to "refurbish" her eyebrows, as we can see Her eyebrows are already bushy but they grow quite messy, her eyebrows are not clear. She said she wanted to choose the hottest and most natural method, so Miss Tram immediately introduced her to Hairstoke.

Before sculpting eyebrows Hairstroke
Before the Hairstroke sculpt, the hair was sparse and the form was not good.

After only a few hours of implementation, The color fibers are perfect, the eyebrows are clear, there is no redness, beautiful immediately rather than waiting for peeling or anything. Ms. T complimented her on it, saying that it was the first time you were a friend that she could choose a place that suits her.

After sculpting Hairsroke
After sculpting Hairsroke eyebrows, each eyebrow is soft and natural.
After sculpting Hairstroke
After sculpting Hairstroke, the brow shape is clearly visible.
After sculpting Hairstroke, you are super beautiful
After sculpting Hairstroke, the eyebrows are super beautiful, the overall eyebrows are natural and perfect.

Thank you for trusting T Miss Tram VietNam Hey, have a chance to beautify Miss Tram VietNam more sister.

Don't hesitate #How/ Inbox or call #HOTLINE 1900 7018 For advice on all your questions about the service, please:

  • Sculpting eyebrows with natural fibers with 6D - 9D techniques for Men and Women
  • Sculpting eyebrows with natural fibers combined with Spray Ombre/Shading/Sandy
  • European eyebrow sculpture
  • Ombre eyebrow spray
  • Magic Shading eyebrow spray
  • Spray eyebrow powder/Crystal American ink 100% herbal extract
  • Spray eyebrow powder Queen toner mực
  • Delete, fix, handle the phenomenon of red and blue eyebrows
  • ...

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