Sculpture Combined with Shading Eyebrows Is Beautiful Open Eyes

Is Sculpting Combined with Shading Eyebrows Beautiful

|Question – Answer|| Does Sculpting combined with Shading make fibers visible?
Sculpture Combined with Shading Eyebrows Is Beautiful Open Eyes
The method of eyebrow sculpting combined with Shading is divided into 2 cases as follows:
  • Sculpting the entire eyebrow with natural fibers, then spraying shading to spread beads interwoven between the engraved fibers to create more boldness for the eyebrows, in this case, you can own sharp eyebrows but still clearly see each sculpted eyebrow very naturally.
  • Sculpting fibers at the beginning of the eyebrows and the tail, Spray Shading: This case is suitable for customers who have worked through previous technologies and the old ink background is still quite dark, so it is not possible to completely sculpt the eyebrows. yes, or the eyebrows have not been done, but customers like sharp, bold eyebrows like when drawing. You will clearly see the fiber at the top of the sculpted eyebrow, and the sprayed tail Shading, the ink is sprayed with fine particles, so there are no fibers.
Depending on the condition of your eyebrows as well as your preferences, the KTV at the place you come to work will advise you carefully, but pocket the above 2 cases to soak first.

Some Other Methods To Beautify Eyebrows At Miss Tram:

  • Sculpting eyebrows with natural fibers with 6D - 9D techniques for Men and Women
  • Sculpting eyebrows with natural fibers combined with Spray Ombre/Shading/Sandy
  • European eyebrow sculpture
  • Ombre eyebrow spray
  • Magic Shading eyebrow spray
  • Spray eyebrow powder/Crystal American ink 100% herbal extract
  • Spray eyebrow powder Queen toner mực
  • Delete, fix, handle the phenomenon of red and blue eyebrows

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