The difference before and after eyebrow sculpting Hairstroke

Before & After Hairstroke Sculpting For Sister TN At Miss Tram Spa

Beautiful Hairstroke Sculpting Results For Miss TN At Miss Tram Spa

– “Whoever you have short legs, come here Miss Tram VietNam, We 100% beauty guarantee".

Today Miss Tram is welcome to welcome a TN guest, she comes to Miss Tram with the desire to have naturally beautiful, flawless eyebrows.

The original picture shows Her eyebrows are quite short at the tail, sparse eyebrows, unknown shape To Miss Tram to advise her on the most modern Hairstroke method that can meet all of her requirements, she agreed to do it.

Before sculpting eyebrows Hairstroke
Before the Hairstroke sculpt, the brows were blurred.
Before doing the Hairstroke sculpt
Before the Hairstroke sculpting, the hairs were sparse.
Before sculpting Hairstroke
Before sculpting the Hairstroke eyebrow, the eyebrow was a bit short and did not have a shape.

Anyway, after doing Hairstroke, the results are excellent, everyone. Her eyebrows are natural and soft, the curved tail adds a feminine and sharp look.

After sculpting Hairstroke
After sculpting Hairstroke, the eyebrow shape is clearly visible.
After sculpting Hairstroke
After sculpting Hairstroke, each eyebrow is smooth.
After doing the Hairstroke sculpt
After doing Hairstroke eyebrow sculpture, the eyebrow arched into a very beautiful form.

If anyone in the family is self-conscious about the advantages of their eyebrows, please visit Miss Tram VietNam For advice and beauty, you don't have to spend half an hour to draw your eyebrows anymore.

Please #How/ Inbox or call #HOTLINE 1900 7018 For advice on all your questions about the service, please:

  • Sculpting eyebrows with natural fibers with 6D - 9D techniques for Men and Women
  • Sculpting eyebrows with natural fibers combined with Spray Ombre/Shading/Sandy
  • European eyebrow sculpture
  • Ombre eyebrow spray
  • Magic Shading eyebrow spray
  • Spray eyebrow powder/Crystal American ink 100% herbal extract
  • Spray eyebrow powder Queen toner mực
  • Delete, fix, handle the phenomenon of red and blue eyebrows
  • ...

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