Sculpting Queen's Eyebrows for Sister Nha to Capture

Sculpting Queen's Eyebrows For Sister Nha

[Result of Sculpting Natural Fibers for Sister Nha]

Ms. Nha is one of the customers who are very satisfied with the results of cosmetic tattoo spray at Miss Tram Spa. In middle age, there are many signs of "degradation" in beauty, she decided to "slap" her eyebrows to create a highlight in the age of 30+.

The worry about the short, dark eyebrows at the head and the tail of Ms. Nha was quickly corrected by Miss Tram's experts. The face that lacks attractiveness now has more highlights, the highlight is the full eyebrow shape, meticulous and very harmonious sculpting.

Please also see more "genuine" pictures of Ms. Nha after completing the sculpting method, everyone!

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