Sculpting Male Eyebrows 6D – 9D

Male Eyebrow Sculpture

Sculpting Male Eyebrows 6D – 9D

3D 6D 8D 9D Male Eyebrow Sculpture in Ho Chi Minh City Cheap Prestige
More than 17 years in the profession. Meet and advise boys from young to middle age. Here are some of the common questions, concerns and desires that you often encounter:

Worry and considered by fear of being discovered after doing;

Afraid to do done is not natural to delete and edit takes time;

Do not want too revealing or too bold, just as natural as possible;

The eyebrow is missing the tail, just want to add it  "fortune, keep money";

Want owned Darker, denser eyebrows for masculine and create reliability for partners;

The eyebrows are very small at the head and the shape of the eyebrows is not suitable for the face, so I want new pose;

And there are many other concerns, but the common desire is: After doing it, it must be true NATURAL LIKE REAL EYES


What is male eyebrow sculpture?

Eyebrow sculpture for men is a new step forward of the previous traditional embroidery spray technique. Professionals will use specialized equipment, meticulously draw each thin and sharp eyebrow, interwoven with real eyebrow hair, without a frame, so it does not reveal any cosmetic traces.

Because this is a technique of sculpting each strand rather than spraying an original, this is the most modern technique to help men own natural, masculine eyebrows.

How is male 6D sculpture different from 9D?

Although both are techniques to carve each eyebrow meticulously, knitting with real eyebrows. However, with the 2D eyebrow engraving technique, it will be suitable for men who have bushy eyebrows but are missing a tail or the current eyebrow shape is not even.

For some cases such as: thin, sparse eyebrows, thin, pale eyebrows, the male 9D sculpting technique is the lifeline for men because the specialist will base on the color and size of the hairs. Real eyebrows that meticulously create each finely interwoven strand are no different from your natural eyebrows.

9D eyebrow sculpting is similar to adding the eyebrows that you are missing

High Quality 6D - 9D Male Eyebrow Sculpture Khắc

Which Eyebrow Aesthetic Method Should Choose In Both Men And Women

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1. Determined horizontal eyebrow shape

⏩ In terms of shape: The eyebrow line is parallel to the eye and the eyebrow tail is slightly longer than the corner of the eye.

Horizontal eyebrow shape for men exudes leadership and assertiveness

In terms of meaning:

Men who have horizontal eyebrows have an assertive personality and have leadership qualities.

- Having a voice, not easily moved by the death anniversary around.

– In terms of family, is a great husband and father.

2. Clever, brave eyebrow shape

In terms of shape: The eyebrow line is straight from the top, then slightly curved from 1/3 of the eyebrow to the corner of the eye, the lines are clear.

Curved eyebrows for men show attractive ingenuity

In terms of meaning:

– Men with this eyebrow shape are people who know how to control their emotions very well.

– An extremely skillful person in communication, suitable for jobs that have a lot of contact with customers.

About the family is a faithful husband who loves and cares for his family.

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3d, 6d, 9d male eyebrow sculpture   Miss Tram listen to wishes , and carefully consult the eyebrow shape suitable for your own facial features, not following the trend;
3d, 6d, 9d male eyebrow sculpture 10  The quality of the ink has clear origin TU Korea, Germany, Japan, USA - Durable ink 3 - 5 years, colorless oxidation;
3d, 6d, 9d male eyebrow sculpture  Only for Male Sculptors LEAVE - EXPERIENCE do for guests, absolutely do not let new trainees or technicians do the job; 

3d, 6d, 9d male eyebrow sculpture 13  The procedure is painless, does not hurt the skin, does not require abstaining and does not take much time to rest;
3d, 6d, 9d male eyebrow sculpture 14  Supporting policies MONOPOLY 1 year - Accordingly, after doing if you want to adjust the color or shape you like within XNXX years will be supported Free 100% unlimited number of times;
 3d, 6d, 9d male eyebrow sculpture 15  Dedicated customer care mode - Miss Tram always accompanies you from work, reminding you to check in until you Absolutely Satisfied!



1. Expert in examining and consulting on eyebrow shape

The male eyebrow specialist at Miss Tram directly examines the current eyebrow condition, listens to your wishes, then advises on the right eyebrow frame, suitable color based on the face ratio, the eyebrow frame as well. like your skin color.

2. Draw the eyebrow shape frame

An experienced professional will directly shape your eyebrows according to the communication you have discussed with the Expert. Accordingly, if you need to adjust or change anything, the Specialist will adjust to help you get the most satisfied eyebrow shape.

3. Cleaning eyebrows and numbing

After you are satisfied and agree on the eyebrow shape, you will be cleaned and numbed to be most comfortable during the procedure.

4. Sculpting

The specialist will meticulously sculpt each eyebrow that is intertwined with your real eyebrows. Each finely smoothed eyebrow creates such a natural look that you can hardly distinguish which is the eyebrow that has just been sculpted.

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  1. How much does male eyebrow sculpture cost? Is there a warranty?

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  2. May I ask how much is the price of male eyebrow tattoo?

    • Hi Tung, can you give Miss Tram contact information so that Miss Tram can contact you to advise you more carefully.
      Or you contact the switchboard number: 1900 7018
      Miss Tram thank you for your interest in the male eyebrow tattooing service at Miss Tram

  3. How much does it cost to make male eyebrows by my side?

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