Eyebrow Sculpture Combined Shading For Sister Nguyet Reviews

Eyebrow Sculpture Combined with Shading For Sister Nguyet

[Result of Eyebrow Sculpture Combined with Shading Spray for Sister Nguyet]

Thank God! Eyebrow spray at Miss Tram VietNam Miss Nguyet has such a Western look!

It can be seen that Nguyet comes to Miss Tram when her eyebrows are long and messy. With dedicated advice from professional KTVs, she "bought" for herself a pair of eyebrows that are too suitable, highlighting the contours of her face.

The result after applying the method of Eyebrow Sculpting combined with Shading spray has shown us a very balanced and harmonious eyebrow shape, the head is sculpted very naturally, the tail is sprayed with shading more sharp. and looks very "Western".

Let's see more photos of Nguyet's results by KTV Miss Tram!

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