Is Eyebrow Sculpting Durable List

Is Eyebrow Sculpting Durable?

Learn How Is Eyebrow Sculpting Durable?

It must always be recognized that possessing natural beauty attracts others more than the beauty that anyone who looks at it knows has undergone cosmetic intervention. "Natural beauty does not mean natural but beautiful", everyone has the right to make themselves more beautiful before the gift of nature with modern aesthetic methods, as long as they do not go too far and lose their inherent charm. .

Is the eyebrow sculpting method durable?
Eyebrow sculpture image

If you find that your eyebrows are too light, making the window of the soul defective, the face is not bright, you can completely sculpt your eyebrows.

Eyebrow sculpture is a popular type of cosmetic surgery. It does not cause real eyebrows to be lost, but will use a special, micro-blade to put ink on the skin, meticulously carve each strand, file the original color and size of the natural eyebrow. With a slightly large, pale carved head and a narrow middle, the tail is sharp. In particular, each sculpted eyebrow is interwoven with the original eyebrow, so it is difficult to distinguish the real from the fake, helping the eyebrows to be as harmonious as possible.

How long does color eyebrow sculpture last?
Beautifully sculpted eyebrows

If the ink is selected of a good quality and the technician is experienced, this method will maintain the best ink color for 2 to 3 years. Although a bit short, it is enough for you to change your eyebrows, as eyebrow trends have changed steadily throughout the past decades.

For example, willow-leaf eyebrows, lance-shaped eyebrows, thick and sharp eyebrows are the makeup style of Vietnamese women in the 90s. Then after many years of conquering all Vietnamese women's makeup, horizontal eyebrow fashion Korean style is gradually cooling down and instead is the gentle curved eyebrow shape of the Golden Temple women at the present time.

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Notes after eyebrow sculpting

Similar to other cosmetic methods, after sculpting you really need to abstain from many things to make your eyebrows more beautiful and more aesthetic.

Firstly, do not use stimulants

Alcohol, beer, cigarettes, coffee, .. are things you should not use after eyebrow sculpting. The composition of this substance when entering the body will greatly affect the blood circulation, making wound healing hindered, in many cases even forming keloids. In addition, proper nutrition is also very important, so please strictly follow the care instructions of the specialist and the beauty center.

How to take care of long-lasting eyebrows after sculpting
Do not use stimulants after sculpting eyebrows

Second, don't panic with bold brow color

As soon as eyebrow sculpting is completed, in addition to the feeling of numbness left by the needle, you are also faced with eyebrow color that may be darker than the original. But don't worry too much and make it lighter by all means, all your uncontrolled actions will affect the color of your eyebrows a lot.

In fact, the eyebrows may be darker than the original because the color used to sculpt is still attached to the skin. When the wounds are completely healed, use your hands to gently brush when washing your face, this will help the dye fly away from the skin faster without affecting the eyebrow color.

Third, do not go swimming or bathing

The secret to keeping eyebrows color lasting after sculpting
do not go swimming or bathing after sculpting eyebrows

Sunlight, seawater or chlorinated pool water will be detrimental to the color fading faster, so you should postpone swimming for a few days or weeks after getting your eyebrows done.

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To protect hair color and maintain a beautiful color, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center recommends using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 applied to your eyebrows before going out in the hot sun.

Everything can only be more beautiful when you know how to take care and use cosmetic services properly, affordable for you!

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