Check Out Common Signs of Failure of Lip Spray

Check Out The Signs Of Failure Of Lip Spray

Spray lips is a technique that uses a micro-needle, to go gently on the lips with a depth of not more than 0.2mm to bring the ink color to the surface. This beauty method is gradually becoming an essential need for many women because it brings a fresh, smooth lips and improves some lip defects effectively.

However, if you choose the lip spray facility Poor quality may not bring the desired results. Today's post, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Please share these signs of lip spray failure to help you get the most timely solution.

Check Out The Signs Of Failure Of Lip Spray

1. Signs of failed lip spray and how to fix it

Lips that do not darken become dark

signs of lip spray failure
Lips that do not darken become dark is a sign that lip spray has failed

After spraying lips, but seeing signs of dark lips, this is a case of lip spray failure. This condition can be caused by:

  • The technician's skills are still young, the needle-walking process is too fast or too strong, causing the needle to penetrate deeply, causing dark lips after peeling.
  • Untreated / improperly treated dark lips before spraying.
  • Do not use high-tech equipment, color tattoo ink not standard and premium inks.

To overcome this situation, as soon as you notice the phenomenon of dark lips after spraying, you need to immediately contact a specialist for a timely treatment or choose a reputable tattoo spray facility for the best solution. . In addition, during this time, you need to moisturize your lips regularly and add a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits to provide the necessary amount of vitamins - to help eliminate dark pigmentation and improve the color of your lips.

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Blistering lips

What should I do if I fail to spray lips?
Failure of lip spray leads to blisters on the lips

Lips with blisters after spraying are the most undesirable and most bewildering condition for women. The causes of this condition are:

  • Using old and outdated techniques causes damage to the lips.
  • Instruments to perform lip spray are not hygienic, safe and sterile.
  • Using substandard inkjet ink.
  • Not taking care of lips properly after spraying.

Regardless of the cause, the first thing you need to do is immediately contact a technician to be checked, find the cause and have a timely treatment. Usually, with blistered lips after spraying, it will be overcome by using antibiotics and topical drugs to quickly dry the blisters.

Lip color is patchy, is there a spot

How to handle when lip spray fails
Excessive lip color is also the reason that lip spray has failed

Another case of lip spray failure is patchy lip color, where there is a void after peeling in the ink layer. The causes of this condition are:

  • Because the technician mixes the ink color unevenly.
  • Treat uneven lips.
  • The technician does not use the needle evenly, the force of the needle is shallow and deep.

To fix this situation, you need to contact a technician for a timely treatment and appointment.

Dark or disproportionate lip line

signs of lip spray failure
Dark lip lines are also a sign of failed lip spray

Lip injection is most important in shaping the lip line because it helps to significantly improve the shape of the lip mold. If your lip line is disproportionate, your lips are too thick or too thin, the technician will reshape the lip line to best harmonize with your face.

However, for inexperienced technicians, this important lip spray step will not be performed successfully. As a result, the lip line is disproportionate, even in many cases the customer has a dark lip line - very unsightly.

The best way to handle this is to contact a technician or choose a more reputable cosmetic facility to schedule a darkening treatment, reshaping and spraying more color at the lip line.

Lips without color

Causes of lip spray failure
Failure of lip spray can be recognized when lips do not color

Lips without color after spraying is the case that makes many women frustrated the most. Because it costs both time, money, and pain without any results. The reasons for this are:

  • Poor quality tattoo tools.
  • Using poor quality ink or improper color mixing technique.
  • The technician put the needle too weak, not enough force, so the ink could not adhere to the lips.

To solve this problem, you need to contact a specialist for advice and schedule a re-lip.

In general, the signs of lip spray failure mostly come from the skill of the technician or the quality of the ink, so in order to get the most perfect results, you need to choose reputable, quality addresses. quantity. (Find out the reasons leading to the phenomenon lip spray does not color for the best remedy).

2. Notes when taking care of lips after spraying to get the best color

Why did lip spray fail?
Always moisturize and have a reasonable lip care regime

In addition to choosing reputable cosmetic facilities to limit the risks, the post-spray lip care also greatly affects the lip spray results. Therefore, you should note the following points:

  • Do not let the lips get wet while the lips have not peeled off the ink layer.
  • Do not eat hot spicy foods – affecting the healing process of the lips.
  • Avoid collisions, strong impacts that cause serious damage to the lips.
  • Abstain from eating water spinach, seafood, sticky rice, beef because it can make lips itchy.
  • Do not apply lipstick, lip makeup when the lips have not recovered.
  • Add more fresh vegetables and fruits to the daily diet to increase vitamins, help lips recover quickly and color up beautifully. (Refer Safe European technology lip spray address, the most beautiful standard today).

So, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center shared these The sign of lip spray is considered a failure that you need to contact a technician for timely handling. Ideally, you should choose reputable tattoo spray facilities to achieve perfect results, minimizing post-injection risks. In addition, after spraying your lips, you also need to have a careful lip care regime so that your lips can recover quickly and get the best color. Hope this article will be useful to you. Wish you have a beautiful lips like you want!

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