Lipstick color is loved by women

Check Out 5 Lip Colors That Are "Making Rain" Right Now

Spray cosmetic tattooing becoming a beauty trend that many women love today because of the development of many techniques, machines and diverse ink colors. This year, the "Beauty Arena" is crazy again because of the 5 lip colors that clearly show the nuances and styles of many women.

Let's Miss Tram VietNam "target market" the lip spray color Beauty is "storming" this year, then find the right color for your skin and face!

Favorite lipstick color
Lipstick color is the most loved by women right now

Check Out 5 Lip Colors That Are "Making Rain" Right Now

Spray peach pink lips:

Light pink is one of the "legendary" colors, suitable for many ages, can bring elegance, nobility and youthful beauty to women. Especially suitable for those of you with light, pink and white skin.

Spray orange pink lips:

Orange-pink color is very suitable for Asian women's skin color. Be included in the top of the luxurious, fresh and suitable for many hair colors and outfits. You can spray orange pink lips to refresh your beauty, you will be surprised with the results this lip color brings.

Spray red-orange lips:

Girls with dark, slightly dark skin can choose orange-red. At first glance, the red-orange color is a bit dazzling, but this color can make the face brighter. Girls with slightly dark skin should "pocket" immediately the orange-red lip color to have more choices.

Spray peach pink lips:

Asian idols, Hollywood stars are very fond of peach lips and often wear this lip color on the catwalk and in everyday life. It is predicted that this is also a prominent trend of this summer because the color color brings tenderness, tenderness and youthfulness to the user.

Spray nude lips:

This color gamut may not be very popular in Vietnam, but for the beauty world in the West, this is the first choice for a luxurious, noble and powerful make-up style. Revealing for you is that this color is suitable for women who love simplicity, youth and strength. In addition, nude lip spray is also suitable for all ages, skin colors and hair colors.

Hope the above 5 color suggestions will help you choose the right lip color for you and if you intend to "refurbish" your lips more fresh and plump, don't forget to visit Miss Tram to own beautiful lips. cute!

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