What Kinds of Eyebrow Sculptures by Vietnamese Artists? Where? Useful

What Kinds of Eyebrow Sculpting Vietnamese Artists Do? Where?

Double eyesbrown has always been one of the "symbols" for the beauty of women. Not only harmonize the contours of the face, but a suitable eyebrow also shows the personality and charisma of the owner. To own the most beautiful eyebrows, you need to understand the contours of your face and choose the best ones eyebrow shape fit.

today, sculpting eyebrows is a method of "semi-permanent makeup" that is preferred by many women. This is also a beauty method chosen by many artists because it is easy to apply makeup, natural eyebrows and not too long lasting color (easy to change eyebrow shape according to trends). If you are looking to learn about the most popular and trendy eyebrow shapes today, check out the following article of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center ok

Check Out The Beautiful Eyebrow Shapes Of Vietnamese Artists

1. Eyebrow shapes are "promoted" by Vietnamese artists.

Horizontal eyebrows

Horizontal eyebrows is a most popular eyebrow shape with beauty followers today. Originated from the beauty trend of the land of Kim Chi, up to now, this eyebrow style has been transformed by Vietnamese women to be more flexible, making the face more feminine, light and looking much more elegant.

Horizontal eyebrows one of the beautiful eyebrow shapes of Vietnamese artists
Horizontal eyebrow shape

Toc Tien's horizontal eyebrows

With a strong personality and trendy dress, Toc Tien often chooses a horizontal eyebrow shape to highlight her personality and dynamism on her face. A personality that is not intense but easily attracts the eyes.

These eyebrows both harmonize the lines and soften the often rebellious style of this singer. Moreover, the horizontal eyebrow shape is also suitable for many different makeup styles. So this is a perfect choice for Toc Tien.

What Kinds of Eyebrow Sculptures by Vietnamese Artists? Where? Useful
Toc Tien has a beautiful and attractive horizontal eyebrow shape

Luu Huong Giang's horizontal eyebrows

Luu Huong Giang is a successful Vietnamese star in many aspects of life. After achieving success as a singer, she retired as a successful wife, mother and businessman. Accompanying her are gentle, elegant horizontal eyebrows but enough to enhance the modernity of this mother of two.

What Kinds of Eyebrow Sculptures by Vietnamese Artists? Where? Useful
The eyebrow shape that Luu Huong Giang owns

Nha Phuong's horizontal eyebrows

From entering showbiz to becoming Truong Giang's wife, Nha Phuong has always been loyal to her horizontal eyebrow shape. It is undeniable that this eyebrow shape plays a big part in building a gentle, elegant and innocent style on the face of this actress.

What Kinds of Eyebrow Sculptures by Vietnamese Artists? Where? Useful
Nha Phuong is an actress who loves horizontal eyebrows dáng

Natural curved eyebrows

Natural arched eyebrows are quite picky, but someone who suits them will certainly rarely choose other eyebrow shapes. Because in addition to the natural and feminine, this eyebrow shape makes the face look much stronger and sharper.

Natural arched eyebrows
Natural arched eyebrows

So, which Vietnamese artist owns this special eyebrow shape?

Tang Thanh Ha's naturally curved eyebrows

Tang Thanh Ha is considered one of the Vietnamese artists with the most "quality" eyebrows - this is also considered one of the characteristics of Louis Nguyen's wife.

What Kinds of Eyebrow Sculptures by Vietnamese Artists? Where? Useful
Tang Thanh Ha's naturally curved eyebrows

Van Trang's naturally curved eyebrows

Van Trang is a talented young actor with many lifetime roles. She is also considered as one of the Vietnamese artists with the most beautiful natural arched eyebrows in showbiz. Not only highlighting the beautiful personality on the face, horizontal eyebrows also help Van Trang express emotions more soulfully in far-flung roles. Therefore, it is very rare to see this actress change her eyebrow shape.

What Kinds of Eyebrow Sculptures by Vietnamese Artists? Where? Useful
Van Trang's naturally curved eyebrows

Eyebrows blade

Blade eyebrows not only show sharpness but also help the face exude power and strong personality for the client.

Blade eyebrow shape lông
Blade eyebrow shape lông

One of the successful Vietnamese beauties with this eyebrow shape is Ho Ngoc Ha. The Queen of Vietnamese Entertainment not only always stands out with her height, beauty and sophistication, wisdom in behavior but also impresses with her sharp and powerful eyebrows. Although often makeup changes eyebrow shape, but Ho Ngoc Ha is always loyal to this sharp eyebrow shape.

2. How to have a beautiful and suitable eyebrow shape

As Miss Tram shared, to have beautiful eyebrows, you first need to choose an eyebrow shape that suits your face. After that, you can trim, makeup or use sculptural tattooing methods to own the desired eyebrows.

With the eyebrow sculpting service at Miss Tram, each customer will be consulted enthusiastically and shaped the most suitable eyebrow shape for the face according to the golden ratio. In addition, Miss Tram uses organic tattoo ink sources, imported directly from famous brands in the US and Germany, so it is committed that the ink color will be smooth and durable for the longest time.

What Kinds of Eyebrow Sculptures by Vietnamese Artists? Where? Useful

What Kinds of Eyebrow Sculptures by Vietnamese Artists? Where? Useful

In particular, our team of technicians are all experienced, skilled and extremely professional, ensuring the sculpting process takes place quickly, safely and gently. From there, giving customers the most satisfactory eyebrows.

And to ensure that customers own the most perfect eyebrows, Miss Tram has a policy of 100% free support for shaping, eyebrow and eyebrow color correction unlimited times within 1 year. So, feel free to use our services. (Tutorial How to draw the right eyebrow shape for each face Best).

A pair of eyebrows is considered beautiful if the eyebrow shape is suitable for the face, the eyebrow color is in harmony with the skin color and exudes the client's temperament. The current, sculpting eyebrows It is considered a quick, long-lasting and most effective method of eyebrow beautification for women. This beauty method is also chosen by many artists because of its naturalness and convenience.

So, do not hesitate to refresh your eyebrows, they will help your beauty be upgraded unexpectedly. Hope this article will be useful to you. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Wish you always have the perfect eyebrows!

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