Pitted Scar Treatment Service - Perennial Pimples At Miss Tram Advice

Deep Scars - Pimple Scars - Acne Scars is the obsession of many people, because it takes away the smooth skin of the past and leaves you with ugly "traces".

Not only does it affect aesthetics, but dark scars - pitted acne also make us lose confidence in work and life. Compared to acne or dark spots, pitted scars can be more difficult to treat, even many people think that this is force majeure.



Scars are the result of a self-healing process of skin cells caused by many causes of skin damage such as accidents, burns, chickenpox, acne, etc. Scars appear when the dermis layer of the skin, or deeper layer, is destroyed, the body will form new collagen fibers to replace that damaged area. This process is not the same because each person's body is different.

One of the leading causes of dark scars and pitted scars is acne. For acne with a lot of pus, severe inflammation, and deep damage, when any serious damage occurs, such as squeezing a pimple, the inflamed acne core will spill into the dermis and destroy the acne. skin cells.

When the skin has acne, it will easily become inflamed, disturbing the balance of skin elements, causing melanin to increase. Resonating with factors from the external environment, when weak young skin is formed, it will easily become dark and dark. 

Pitted Scar Treatment Service - Perennial Pimples At Miss Tram Advice

Concave scars, pitted scars are indentations that appear deep under the skin, so they will be lower than the surrounding skin, in these dents are often oily, concave scars are formed due to the damaged dermis causing collagen. and elastin have the effect of creating smoothness and elasticity of broken skin and cannot repair itself. 

According to research results of experts, up to 85% of cases of concave scars are due to improper care and treatment of acne skin. Because acne-prone skin, if not taken care of carefully, will cause bacteria to attack and cause inflammation and destroy the skin structure, causing indentations on the surface of the skin.

Nodules, acne after healing often cause pitted scars with a deep sunken surface, the depth - width of the concave scar depends on the extent of the damage caused by the acne. 


Pitted Scar Treatment Service - Perennial Pimples At Miss Tram Advice


1. Ice pick Scar

  • Cause of formation: Due to post-acne lesions, the collagen structure of the dermis breaks down, forming deep depressions beneath the skin.
  • Identifying characteristics: Icepick scars are shaped like sharp objects piercing the skin, deep depressions no more than 2mm in diameter than 0.5mm deep.

Pitted Scar Treatment Service - Perennial Pimples At Miss Tram Advice

2. Boxcar Scar

  • Cause of formation: After the formation of acne, the acne is broken due to the wrong way of squeezing the inflamed skin and severely damaged the collagen bonds to form deep scars.
  • Identifying characteristics: Box-foot concave scars are round or oval-shaped heads with steeper sides, and wide, wide-mouthed indentations.

Pitted Scar Treatment Service - Perennial Pimples At Miss Tram Advice


3. Rolling Scar

  • Cause of formation: Wavy scars form when a fibrous band inside the muscle located between the affected skin and subcutaneous tissue develops. The fibrous bands located inside this muscle pull the epidermis and press it deep into the skin.
  • Identifying characteristics: Scar size is 4-5mm wide, undulating on the skin surface like a wavy shape.

Pitted Scar Treatment Service - Perennial Pimples At Miss Tram Advice

4. Mixed pitted scars

This is a type of scar with a collection of concave scars on the same area of ​​skin, creating a special lesion, with both sharp and deep holes, and round, rough, convex and concave holes, which may accompany dermatitis.

As a severe and relatively difficult-to-treat pitted scar, it is necessary to combine a variety of methods and follow a standard monitoring protocol to bring high efficiency.

Pitted Scar Treatment Service - Perennial Pimples At Miss Tram Advice

Pitted Scar Treatment Service - Perennial Pimples At Miss Tram Advice

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As you have learned, now there are many methods of treating concave scars, dark scars and skin regeneration with the desire to be able to improve the current rough skin condition. However, each method will have its own advantages and disadvantages as well as the level of effectiveness depending on the skin location, the scar condition of each case. 

Here Miss Tram will review the Method of Treatment of Deep Scars - Pimples so that you can easily refer to and choose the right method for your skin condition!

Treating Concave Scars in a Folk Way

Folks from ancient times often treat scars with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, lemon, turmeric, centella asiatica, onion, coconut oil, garlic, etc.

Pitted Scar Treatment Service - Perennial Pimples At Miss Tram Advice

  • Advantage:

       - Low cost, easy to find

       - Simple method, easy to do at home

       - Good for the skin because the products are all natural

  • Disadvantages:

       - Only improves with newly formed scars sẹo

       - Suitable for skin that is easy to regenerate

       - Must be persistent in doing it regularly for a long time

       - For the case of long-term scars, this method is almost ineffective

Treat Scars With Medicines Or Creams

This is also a common treatment for concave scars. Depending on the extent of the scar and the patient's condition, the doctor will prescribe different drugs and creams.

Pitted Scar Treatment Service - Perennial Pimples At Miss Tram Advice

  • Advantage:

       – Medications or creams used correctly willHelps inhibit the growth of scars

       - Simple method, easy to do at home

       - If you apply the drug regularly every day, the condition of concave scars on the skin will be significantly improved.

  • Disadvantages:

       - Only effective in fading scars with mild and newly formed cases

       – If using poor quality products, fake goods can cause serious complications for the skin

       - Must be persistent in doing it regularly for a long time

Pitted Scar Treatment Service - Perennial Pimples At Miss Tram Advice
Results of customers treating Scars - Acne at Miss Tram Beauty Salon

Scar Treatment Technology In Aesthetic Centers and Facilities 

In recent years, Aesthetic Centers and facilities have applied many different scar treatment technologies to bring effective results to customers. Before coming to the Secret to helping more than 2500 customers be confident with their skin without Dark Scars - Acne Scars - Pore Scars at Miss Tram Aesthetics, let's check out why there are so many cases where the methods have been performed. Scar treatment but not effective because:

  • Perennial scars or age structure

The older the age, the lower the success rate of scar treatment: The older the scar, the more stable the structure of the scar, the stronger the sclerosing scar underneath the skin, so it will be difficult to break the scar structure. In addition, if the body's immune system is weakened, the level of damage repair on the skin will also decrease accordingly. The amount of new cells generated will not be enough to replace the lost cells and certainly the pitted scar cannot be filled.

Pitted Scar Treatment Service - Perennial Pimples At Miss Tram Advice

  • Execution specialist with no experience

If the treatment of pitted scars is not done by qualified people, it will cause the following conditions: wrong identification of scar condition, wrong indication, no technique to treat pitted scars. Problems arising after treatment such as dark spots, hyperpigmentation, infections are not handled in time. All of the above problems lead to unsuccessful treatment of your pitted scars.

  • Choosing the wrong treatment facility

Currently on the market there are many spontaneous facilities with a variety of services from skin care to skin treatment. If you do not consider learning, choosing a reputable facility to perform will risk: infection, hypertrophic scars, deep concave scars, severe skin damage, ... after treatment.

  • Lack of cooperation with the treatment facility

Trusting the treatment regimen to cooperate on post-treatment skin care greatly affects the improvement of your skin. Because after treating pitted scars, you neglect your skin, expose your skin to a polluted working environment, use the wrong cosmetics or do not use supporting products, stay up late often, ... skin condition Your skin will weaken and slow down the improvement of pitted scars. In addition, the state of being impatient or expecting a quick improvement after only a few days also affects the results of treatment.

Pitted Scar Treatment Service - Perennial Pimples At Miss Tram Advice Is Scar Treatment With Needle Roller Effective?

In the past years, when modern technology to treat pitted scars - acne scars has not been applied, the technology of needle rollers directly affecting the facial skin is popularly done at centers and facilities for pitted scar treatment. 

Pitted Scar Treatment Service - Perennial Pimples At Miss Tram Advice

  • Advantages

       – It is a method of scar treatment that is commonly applied in cosmetic facilities
       - Acts on the skin so that the skin produces a new layer of cells, helping the pitted scars to fill up
      This method helps to improve the entire surface of the skin, fills scars, makes the skin whiter and smoother.
       - Expenses in line with the income of the majority.

  • Disadvantages

       - The treatment and recovery time of the skin is quite long
       - You need to be persistent in abstaining, taking time to rest to be effective
       – It is easy to get infections and pimples after rolling the needle if you do not have the right product
       – The situation of buying a needle to roll at home is very dangerous, easily causing inflammation that is difficult to recover the skin later.

What is the safest and most effective scar treatment method today?

Pitted Scar Treatment Service - Perennial Pimples At Miss Tram Advice


Fractional CO2 Laser technology is a modern and highly effective beauty technology. The laser affects the epidermis without invasiveness of the surrounding skin, promoting pitted scars to heal in the shortest time.

Fractional CO2 laser is currently being applied in many countries such as USA, Japan, Korea, Germany.

This method is extremely safe, using a laser with a wavelength of 10.600 nm to affect the damaged skin tissue, stimulating the self-filling mechanism on the skin.

Pitted Scar Treatment Service - Perennial Pimples At Miss Tram Advice

As a result, the amount of natural collagen will increase, promoting the regeneration of the epidermis. Treatment according to a reasonable course, you will surely feel the unexpected effect:

  • Scars (acne scars, perennial pitted scars) fade
  • Skin becomes smoother, more radiant and more beautiful
  • Improves signs of aging on the skin
  • Nourish the skin from deep inside, make the skin really healthy
  • Completely treat and prevent acne from coming back

Fractional CO2 laser method also possesses outstanding advantages: short treatment time, no surgical intervention, no pain during the procedure, no side effects and no need to rest or abstain.

Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center has transferred many of the world's most advanced cosmetic technologies, supporting customers to completely treat the problems they are facing on the skin, especially scars or acne pits.

Especially with technology công Fractional CO2 laser combined with scar bottom removal technique is the only method to help cut off the sclerosing scar legs below the scar, completely freeing the skin surface, helping the skin surface to be lifted easily, the most important thing is that only when the scar leg is cut off, the scar New scars do not recede, you will feel the breakthrough effect from the first treatment, even with old pitted scars.

Pitted Scar Treatment Service - Perennial Pimples At Miss Tram Advice

In addition to modern and flexible technology according to each case of pitted scars - different acne scars, Miss Tram owns the secret to regenerate healthy, white and smooth skin, tighten pores with exclusive herbal nutrients combined. parallel in the treatment process to help bring the best effect in the treatment course of the customer.

Miss Tram Beauty Salon Specializes in Pimple Scar Treatment - Prestige Pimples Ho Chi Minh CityPitted Scar Treatment Service - Perennial Pimples At Miss Tram Advice


  • Pitted scars caused by newly formed or perennial acne
  • Pimple scars caused by blackheads help tighten pores
  • Scars caused by chickenpox or stomach burns since childhood

For each case, Miss Tram experts will conduct a thorough examination and analysis to assess the condition and then come up with the most appropriate treatment regimen.

Although the length of treatment varies from person to person, the results are sure to leave you satisfied.

Pitted Scar Treatment Service - Perennial Pimples At Miss Tram Advice Pitted Scar Treatment Service - Perennial Pimples At Miss Tram AdvicePitted Scar Treatment Service - Perennial Pimples At Miss Tram Advice

At Miss Tram we always uphold the spirit of "All for customers", wishing to bring to our customers PREMIUM SERVICE QUALITY – SAFETY – HIGH TREATMENT EFFICIENCY.

Using the treatment at Miss Tram, you will receive all the best, from spacious facilities, equipment that meets the strict standards of health authorities to the dedicated service of the team. highly skilled staff.

With the knowledge of a team of experienced experts, the support from modern technology, you will quickly regain smooth and bright skin every day.

From there, you will be more confident to accept good things and opportunities in work and life.

Don't give the ugly pitted scars a chance to ravage your face!

Don't let pitted scars or skin problems make your life boring!

You just need to be determined to pursue the treatment, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will definitely help you become more beautiful.

[Frequently Asked Questions When Treating Deep Scars – Pimple Scars – Acne Scars]

Question 1: Hi, my skin currently has red inflammatory acne and deep scars, in addition, there are a lot of dark spots left by acne scars, I don't know if I treat scars by Fractional CO2 Laser technology in combination with separating the bottom of the scar and using it. Is it effective to use medicine from the center because I have also gone to needle rollers a few times in some places but it was not very effective, so I am very frustrated, hope you can advise me.

Hi, as above, the Center shared with you about the advantages and disadvantages of treating scarred skin by needle roller method. Needle roller will be quite effective in the case of shallow scars, newly formed scars and the skin does not have inflammatory acne because when rolling the needle will make the inflammatory acne spots infected and spread to the surrounding skin. In addition, the special treatment products included in the treatment process also determine more than 60% of the results.

Fractional CO2 Laser technology is chosen by leading dermatologists in the world because it is the most advanced technology in the generation of differential lasers, not only has the effect of treating pitted scars, this technology also solves other skin problems such as: large pores, dark spots, ... and very safe for the skin.

As for my skin condition as described, I encountered severe inflammatory acne, then left deep concave scars and dark scars. In this case, Fractional CO2 Laser technology combined with Exclusive Oriental Medicine Herbal Recipes will help stimulate collagen proliferation tissue to fill acne scars, while improving facial skin problems, helping skin firmness, reducing acne scars, smoother and younger looking skin.

  • Fractional CO2 laser micro-shock helps to remove rough dead cells on the outside of the skin, increase collagen production to help the skin accelerate the regeneration process.
  • The combination of Oriental Medicine herbs penetrates deep into each acne, helping to treat acne safely and naturally for a long time.
  • Safe for all skin types, short treatment time, no downtime.
  • Improve oily, dark acne, adjust skin color, fade dark spots, smooth and white skin.
  • Long-term effect, preventing acne from coming back.

In deep scars, the method of separating the bottom of the scar will promote the effect of filling scar tissue very effectively. I arrange a time to visit the Center to examine the skin condition and understand the detailed treatment process as well as commit to the level of effectiveness for peace of mind before treatment!

Pitted Scar Treatment Service - Perennial Pimples At Miss Tram Advice

Question 2: Hi Miss Tram, I heard that doing Fractional CO2 Laser my skin will be thin and easy to get melasma, so I'm afraid to do Laser, I don't know if that's true?

Hi, the nature of Fractional CO2 Laser is safe to help remove rough dead cells outside the skin, increase collagen production to help the skin speed up the regeneration process. However, the treatment of dark scars - pitted scars - acne scars Whether laser is safe or not depends greatly on the experience and skill of the specialist, plus the quality of the equipment.

That's why, Miss Tram gives advice when choosing a scar treatment facility, you need to note the following points:

  • Laser machines must be tested and certified for safety and effectiveness, with clear origin and origin.
  • Treatment of concave scars - acne scars need to be patient and not hasty. Currently, even in the world, there is no technology that can fill pitted scars after only one treatment. Therefore, you need to prepare mentally that you cannot rush
  • Fractional CO2 laser requires a professional and highly skilled performer, so you need to choose a reputable facility to avoid losing money.

Fractional CO2 laser does not stimulate sunburned skin, but in fact, whether the skin is treated or not, it is extremely necessary to protect and care for the skin from the effects of the sun.

On the other hand, the sun is the enemy that makes the skin thin, weak and prone to pigmentation when exposed to too much. Therefore, we need to minimize the exposure of our skin to direct sunlight. At the same time after treatment you need to comply skin care guide Right of the Center for the best results is okay!

Pitted Scar Treatment Service - Perennial Pimples At Miss Tram Advice

Question 3: Hi Miss Tram, I'm almost 50 years old this year, when I was a teenager, I didn't have the conditions to take care of it, so when my acne was gone, I left a lot until now. Can I ask if the treatment is effective in my case?

Hi, although the age factor also partly affects the results of the treatment of pitted scars left by acne, with the flexible treatment method, Fractional CO2 laser Combined with the technique of dissecting the bottom of the scar and applying skin-regenerating nutrients to the skin, it will help cut off the scleroderma below the scar, completely freeing the skin surface, helping the skin surface to be lifted easily. Thanks to that, you will feel the effect through each treatment even with the old pitted spots!

Question 4: Let me ask, how long does it take to treat concave scars and acne scars with Fractional CO2 laser method and how much does it cost to prepare?

Hi, depending on the degree of concave scars, acne scars of each customer, the cost and time of treatment are also corresponding. Before treatment, the specialist at the Center will analyze your skin condition to come up with a treatment plan with a commitment to the level of improvement so that you can feel secure. Usually, for newly formed scars, the scar level is not deep, it will be treated from 1 months, the cost will range from 3 - 12 million ((included full products and periodic skin care included in full)

In case of long-term scars, deep scars, the treatment course is usually long 4 - 7 months, the cost of treatment ranges from 15 - 29 million ((included full products and periodic skin care included in full) Honey!

Pitted Scar Treatment Service - Perennial Pimples At Miss Tram Advice

When the scar is worse, it takes time and the cost of treatment is inevitable, so right from the moment you start to have signs of scarring on your skin, you should treat it as soon as possible, for as long as possible. when the scar tissue has hardened, the treatment process is also more difficult.

Question 5: Hi Center, with acne-prone skin, do I need to treat all acne before I can treat pitting or can I treat both acne and pitting at the same time because I used to roll needles to treat pitting before? acne is worse.

Hello, as in the article mentioned above, the previous method of needle roller scar treatment will have limitations when the skin is still acne, especially inflammatory acne will not improve skin problems. So much so I need to treat acne first and then treat scars. But with Fractional CO2 Laser Technology combined with exclusive herbs at the Center, I can treat and treat not only Acne - Scars but also regenerate firm skin, tighten pores, whiten smooth and clean. Effective grease!

Pitted Scar Treatment Service - Perennial Pimples At Miss Tram Advice

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