Specializing in safe hair removal and hair removal procedures for both men and women

Specializing in safe hair removal and hair removal procedures for both men and women

The presence of hair (on limbs, underarms, bikini area) Each person will have different conditions depending on the location. This is a normal physiological phenomenon when going through puberty. Many of you are unfortunate enough to be "considered" by them and keep growing dense, hard and black looks very unattractive

How to Remove Hair, Hair Removal Popular At Home

There are many of you who still have barriers to go to cosmetic surgery, especially beauty related issues waxxing stay in sensitive locations, so will do it at home, and ways hair removal, hair removal at home The most popular choices you will choose will be:

Hair Wax

Wax hair at home This method is usually applied on large areas of hair with dense hair. This hair removal method often makes the skin red depending on the level of sensitivity.


Shaved It is the cheapest way to remove hair. This method is easy to do at home, does not cause pain. However, it is not recommended because it will cause the skin surface to become rough and jagged when it grows back.

Use hair removal cream

A method that uses chemicals to Hair removal without pain like wax. However, irritation or not depends on the location of each person. And if you want to make sure your skin and body are not affected by chemicals, you can DIY hair removal cream at home with natural, easy-to-find ingredients.

Spit with tweezers

With method hair cleaning This body will cause pain, make the skin surface rough, and more likely to experience ingrown hairs or folliculitis.

List of effective home hair removal methods
Popular Effective Home Hair Removal Methods

In recent years, the Hair removal method with light has been updated in beauty salons to bring the best effect for beauty customers. Light hair removal possesses outstanding advantages compared to other methods by:

+ High efficiency, long-term: Each time the treatment is carried out, the hair is completely burned, leaving no rough, black spots. After that, the hair that grows back is also lighter and lighter, this effect can be maintained until the next treatment.

+ Safe: Does not hurt the pores, limiting the hair to grow back darker and harder.

+ Easy to implement and effective with many different skin areas, including sensitive areas such as armpits, edges, bikini.

There are many types of hair removal and hair removal technologies on the market, but they are classified into 4 main types according to technique: IPL, E-Light, SRH and Diode Laser

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Distinguishing the Advantages - Disadvantages of 4 Current Hair Removal Technologies


Labor IPL technology

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal technology works based on the intense light emitted by the Flashlamp bulb. The essence of IPL is a beam of broad spectrum from 420nm - 1200nm. The wavelength of IPL commonly used for hair removal is in the range of 610 - 950 nm, which can kill hairs and destroy and prevent hair follicles from growing.

  • 40% hair reduction after 3 months of treatment, up to 75% hair removal / after the end of 1 course.
  • The rest of the hair as it grows will be softer and thinner.
  • Low cost, suitable for many people's financial conditions.
  • Hair removal with IPL technology helps to improve and rejuvenate the skin.
  • Not effective on fluff, not effective on dark skin.
  • The treatment time is relatively long, each course consists of 15-20 times, each time is performed for a period of 45-90 minutes.
  • Poor quality IPL hair removal devices can cause skin irritation, blistering and startling users.

Elight Technology

Uses Elight light to burn hair follicle cells, making hair follicles smaller. In fact, Elight light is a combination of IPL waves and bipolar RF rays.

  • The hair removal efficiency is relatively high: 40% hair reduction after 3 months of treatment, at the end of 1 course can reduce up to 75%.
  • Hair can grow back but is softer, thinner and lighter in color
  • Affordability
  • 1 course usually lasts (from 10 to 12 times), the time to perform each time is from 45 to 90 minutes
  • May cause slight redness and burning in the skin

Laser Diode Technology

Diode Laser is an RF (Radio Frequency) hair removal technology with wavelengths from 808nm - 810nm. This technology has the ability to destroy and block nutrition from hair follicles to hairs. Due to inadequate nutrition, the hairs gradually weaken and fall out naturally.

  • High hair removal efficiency, from 70 to 98% depending on the individual's location
  • Short treatment time: from 5 to 10 times, each time is done for 10-30 minutes.
  • The Diode laser has a built-in cold heat conductor that helps reduce burning, redness and blistering of the skin.
  • Suitable for many skin types and can be adjusted to suit different skin areas on the body.
  • Improve skin, reduce inflammation of hair follicles, and at the same time stimulate collagen production, tighten pores, rejuvenate skin.
  • May cause skin blistering if the technician is not qualified
  • Hair will regrow after 5-10 years depending on the location of each person, but at this time, the hair will be thinner and lighter in color.

OPT – SHR . Technology

Is a technology that uses light that passes through a filter of wavelength 650-950nm with a fast emission frequency of 1-8 hz to continuously and stably generate hair removal. Light energy converts to heat after penetrating and staying in the skin for about 3 weeks to destroy the nutrition source to each hair, making the hair weaker, softer and slowly falling out naturally.

  • Does not cause pain, stinging, discomfort.
  • Stable and uniform energy
  • Get rid of hair follicles
  • Fast, shortened removal time: Clean hair after 4 - 8 sessions. Each session takes only 10-15 minutes.
  • Brighten the skin, support the treatment of folliculitis
  • Hair removal with OPT SHR technology is suitable for both men and women, suitable for almost any hair area.
  • May cause skin blistering if the technician is not qualified
  • Hair will regrow after 5-10 years depending on the location of each person, but at this time, the hair will be thinner and lighter in color.

Effective laser hair removal method

How Will Laser Hair Removal Destroy Hair Follicles?

When completely laser hair removal, doctors will use specialized equipment that emits lasers and bombards each hair on the skin. These lasers will create small explosions on the skin at an extremely fast speed that is invisible to the naked eye and destroy the hair follicle cells.

Hair Removal Service, Safe Hair Removal In Ho Chi Minh City Report

Hair Removal Service, Safe Hair Removal In Ho Chi Minh City Report

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(Costs vary depending on the technology of each facility)


(The number of times of sterilization depends on the condition of the suppression area)

Armpit 200 k - 800k 1 - 5 million
Edge 150k - 700k 1 - 4 million won
Face (including excess eyebrows, eyebrows intersecting) 500k – 2 million VND 2 - 6 million
1/2 Hand 300k – 1 million VND 2 - 7 million
Nguyen Tay 500k – 2 million VND 3 - 9 million
1/2 Leg 400k – 2 million VND 3 - 9 million
Nguyen Chan 500k – 2 million VND 4 - 10 million
Stomach 200k - 500k 2 - 4 million
Back 700k – 3 million VND 5 - 15 million
Bikini 500 - 2 million VND 3 - 10 million


(Costs vary depending on the technology of each facility)



(The number of times of sterilization depends on the condition of the suppression area)

Armpit 300 k - 700k 2 - 5 million
Mustache (mustache) 150k - 400k 1 - 3 million won
Chin hair removal (beard) 200 - 500k 2 - 4 million
Face 800k – 2 million VND 3 - 7 million
1/2 Hand 500k - 900k 3 - 7 million
Nguyen Tay 700k – 2 million VND 4 - 8 million
1/2 Leg 500k – 2 million VND 3 - 8 million
Nguyen Chan 700k – 2 million VND 5 - 10 million
Stomach 500k – 2 million VND 3 - 7 million
Back 1 - 4 million 7 - 12 million
Chest 500k – 2 million VND 3 - 8 million


Miss Tram applies hair removal solutions with the latest 2 technologies, Diode Laser and OPT - SHR technology. With advantages hair removal but not invasive skin area, does not cause burning or any side effects, suitable for both men and women.

Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center transfers many modern hair removal technologies that are effective for all cases such as:

  • Hair removal on arms, fingers, legs, toes, chest, back, abdomen.
  • Facial hair removal (beard, mustache, excess eyebrows)
  • Hair removal in armpits and edges
  • Bikini area hair removal (including anus, buttocks, and pubic areas)

price list for permanent hair removal underarms for women

price list for permanent back hair removal at miss tram

Hair removal treatment at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center

  • Removes all types of hair from downy hair, rough hair on body areas
  • Outstanding efficiency, long warranty period
  • Effective on dark skin areas, improves skin color and helps shrink pores quickly
  • Treating cases of folliculitis, making the skin whiter and firmer
  • Done quickly, safely and painlessly

Price list for hair removal and hair removal on thighs and calves for women in Ho Chi Minh City

Not only girls, but the hair removal service at Miss Tram is also the first choice for "men" with services such as: lip hair removal, hair removal, armpit removal or chest removal, etc. because of the convenience and effectiveness of the treatment.

The most effective way to remove chest hair for men today

Hair removal process at Miss Tram

  • Step 1: Direct inspection and consultation, customers will be better explained about the technology as well as the appropriate treatment.
  • Step 2: Clean the treatment area to help absorb the wavelength better.
  • Step 3: Apply a layer of transparent cold gel on the skin to be removed to help soften the hairs, soothe the skin and avoid the burning sensation.
  • Step 4: Adjust the wavelength and energy to suit the client's condition, Diode laser or c . laserOPT – SHR to the area of ​​hair to be removed.
  • Step 5: Cleanse the gel of the skin that has just been removed.

The most effective hair removal procedure at miss tram

Hair Removal Service, Safe Hair Removal In Ho Chi Minh City Report

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Use the service at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center You will be completely assured because directly performing are experts, skilled KTV, deep knowledge and long-term professional experience.

All steps are carried out according to Professional hair removal procedure to ensure the highest efficiency and safety for its customers. Not only that, when coming to Miss Tram, customers will experience the luxurious, classy Spa space, the most attentive and dedicated service.

What are you waiting for, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center always ready to serve you. Come to Miss Tram to "erase" these obnoxious hairs, confidently wear the outfits that you love the most.

Cheap armpit hair removal for women in Saigon

Permanent Hair Removal Where Safe In Ho Chi Minh City

Safest permanent hair removal method

There are many ways to deal with this obnoxious "micro - umbrella - hair", but basically can be divided into the following 2 methods:

1. Traditional hair removal

This is inexpensive way to remove hair but the efficiency is not high. The most commonly used method is to use tweezers to pluck hairs. Using tweezers is both laborious and time-consuming, making this area of ​​​​the skin rough, and leading to ingrown hairs causing inflammation. If you want to remove hair quickly, you can use a razor to shave the hair. Using a razor even though it doesn't hurt, makes the hair grow back faster and get harder

1. Traditional hair removal

Also you can wax hair by applying warm gel gel, take a thin layer of cloth or cotton on top. When it cools and dries, the gel will stick to the hair. You pull the fabric away and the hair and gel will follow. This method is quite painful and the hair will grow back quickly, along with that you may be allergic to the gel.

Or more gently, you can mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil (if you don't have coconut oil, you can replace it with pure honey), squeeze 1/2 more lemon to form a paste. Next, you apply this mixture on the skin to be removed, wait for it to dry and wipe it off with a soft cloth. This method brings high safety but can still cause skin irritation and only works on soft hair areas but little.

In general, the traditional methods are less expensive, but painful, time-consuming, and the hair removal effect is not high. The hair will grow back quickly and be even harder and thicker than before.

2. New technology hair removal

2. New technology hair removal

Invitation technology hair removal is a method of using lasers to penetrate the epidermis, gently impacting the shrinking hair follicles, no longer receiving nutrients to grow. Therefore, this method is not harmful to the skin, does not cause pain and does not leave any side effects.

From fluff to hard hairs, the laser will also treat thoroughly, providing lasting effects, so customers can be completely assured.

Even better, not only does it remove hair quickly, but this beauty treatment also improves skin tone and minimizes pores. As a result, it has the effect of improving the darkened skin area, making the skin bright and smooth, and effectively supporting the treatment of folliculitis.

Cross-sectional structure of a hair root

Today, there are many cosmetic facilities that apply advanced laser hair removal technology, but to achieve high efficiency, you should choose reputable facilities such as: Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center. We are a large cosmetic center, using many advanced equipment with modern aesthetic technologies for good efficiency and safety.

In addition, when coming to Miss Tram, customers will experience a high-class Spa space with a team of skilled KTVs. In addition, Miss Tram is a prestigious and long-standing center for training women skin care training course specialized skills are chosen by many domestic and foreign technicians.

Don't let pesky hair ruin your confidence, and don't agonize over traditional hair removal methods fraught with risks.

Please contact Miss Tram to receive enthusiastic advice from experts and choose a suitable cosmetic hair removal method to help you be confident in life.

Contact Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center by Hotline 1900 7018 to get free and dedicated advice from experts on permanent hair removal technology, permanent hair removal.

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[ Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Removal - Hair Removal ]

Question 1: Hi Center, let me ask if hair removal is painful, I plan to remove my armpits to help with plucking but I'm afraid of pain!

Miss Tram hi, usually at the time you start the treatment, it will feel a bit stinging like an ant bite because at that time the hair is dark and thick. Subsequent removals when the skin is lighter and the hairs are also thinner, there is almost no feeling!

Question 2: How long does a hair removal treatment usually last?

Miss Tram Hello, depending on the technology of each application place, the hair removal time will also be different. Normally at Miss Tram, in the first 3 sessions, you will go continuously for 10-15 days each time, then when the hair is thin, it can be 20-30 days / time. Currently Miss Tram is having preferential packages package hair removal cost in 3 years with unlimited number of treatments, you can choose to save the most!

Hair Removal Service, Safe Hair Removal In Ho Chi Minh City Report

Question 3: Miss Tram let me ask if facial hair removal has any effect on skin or health?

Miss Tram greets you, after Smart Laser Wavelength Projection to the surface of the skin, the Collagen bonding will be stimulated to proliferate from the inside, nourish healthy tissue cells. After hair removal, your face will become fresh, radiant and smoother than before. Therefore, facial hair removal is completely harmless, on the contrary, it also helps promote manufacturing collagen Beautify your skin!

Question 4: Does hair removal take time to abstain or how to take good care, hope Miss Tram can advise you?

Miss Tram greets you, sAfter permanent hair removal, you should pay attention to hygiene and skin care to maintain the best aesthetic results. Here are some guidelines to know for skin care after hair removal:

1. Clean skin with gentle products

Hair follicles after being removed will still be weak, you should only wash them gently and often with cool water. At the same time, some gentle cleaning products should also be used at this time.

2. Absolutely do not use cosmetics for the first 3 days

The chemicals in cosmetics can cause skin tissue damage, easy to accumulate acne inflammation. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid applying creams and cosmetics on the newly removed skin.

3. Regularly moisturize the skin

Hair removal makes the moisture in the hair follicles often "evaporate" easily, causing the skin to dry and not have good elasticity. You should drink a lot of water so that the skin tissue is well nourished from deep inside. At the same time, you can choose natural, safe massage oil products for the skin to help increase moisture quickly.

4 . Always use sunscreen

UV rays can cause hair follicles to increase melanin, reducing the effectiveness of hair removal. Therefore, protecting the skin from strong sunlight is essential, important after permanent hair removal.

Hair Removal Service, Safe Hair Removal In Ho Chi Minh City Report

Question 5: Hi Center, I want to remove bikini hair but worry about the safety level. Hope the answer center helps me!

Miss Tram hello, currently the Center is applying the 2 most modern hair removal technologies, diode laser and laser hair removalOPT - SHR technology is suitable for all areas, including the sensitive bikini area. You can rest assured because the method of removal does not bring uncomfortable burning or hot sensations, absolutely safe for "the little girl"! 

According to many clinical studies, more than 80% of women admit that they always spend time every day taking care of and "cleaning" their pubic hair. That makes them confident in wearing more sexy clothes and especially excites the other person in the bedroom.

Hair Removal Service, Safe Hair Removal In Ho Chi Minh City Report

Question 6: Hi Center, I found out information online, a lot of facilities say permanent hair removal, so will hair removal be permanent and never grow back, hope Miss Tram will answer for you, thank you!

Miss Tram hello to you, in fact, clean hair removal is just a phrase that refers to the ability to completely destroy hair follicles with longer lasting results than methods such as shaving, plucking or waxing, ... not wearing jaws. Permanent meaning never grows back as many people mistakenly believe. Although affecting the faceBut hair is extremely important to the human body, they perform excretory functions and help the skin to breathe. If complete hair removal will affect the function of the skin.

Depending on the location of each person and the technology used after proceeding Diode laser hair removal treatment and cOPT – SHR technology then It takes 4-6 months for the hair follicles to start growing back, but don't worry because the hair that grows will be thinner and thinner. For those whose hair is not too hard and thick, after hair removal is complete, it will prevent the hair from growing back, or if it grows back, the hair will be pale and soft like fluff!

Hair Removal Service, Safe Hair Removal In Ho Chi Minh City Report

Question 7: Hi Center, before that I had a full package of underarm hair removal elsewhere, but only 10 times after that, there was an extra charge for gel removal. I consulted and saw that Miss Tram has a 3-year package, but I don't know if there is a limit to the number of treatments or surcharges like the place I bought it before, I want to let my sister go with you because I was introduced by an acquaintance.

Miss Tram hello everyone, currently all areas of the Center have a 3-year package warranty with no limit on the number of treatments or extra charges! Each time, the specialist will check the growth of the hair follicles and schedule an appointment for the next treatment, initially it can range from 10-15 days, later when the hair grows thin, it can be 1-3 I cut it once a month, buddy!

Question 8: Hello Center, I read information that there are some cases of ingrown hairs, so I am very worried. I don't know if hair removal has such a case, hope the center can help me!

Miss Tram hello, as you know, our skin has a lot of hair follicle units located under the skin. According to normal physiology, the hair will grow straight on the surface of the skin through the pores. When you see a pore on the skin with hairs that do not grow straight out, but roll inward, causing the skin to swell, accompanied by symptoms of inflammation and pain, then you are experiencing ingrown hairs. .

Hair Removal Service, Safe Hair Removal In Ho Chi Minh City Report

Ingrown hair often occurs when some individuals have a habit of plucking or shaving, in addition, hair removal in less-than-reputable facilities with poor quality hair removal technology is also the leading cause of this condition. With diode laser hair removal technology and cWith OPT - SHR technology, you can be completely assured because the hair follicles are not only cleaned at the root but also shrink the pores so that the skin is always clean, smooth and healthy.