Review of Beauty Service Hoa Bang Lang Spa HCM: Quality, Quotation? Prove

Review of Beauty Service Hoa Bang Lang Spa HCM: Quality, Quotation?

Beauty market in Ho Chi Minh is growing very fast with the appearance of many different salons, spas and beauty establishments, offering a variety of beauty care services.

Standing in the midst of a competitive market, Flower Bang Lang Spa can still survive and develop well with two establishments over the past 10 years. So what is the service here? How is the quality and price? Let's find out more through the following article Review Beauty Service Of Hoa Bang Lang Spa HCM: Service, Quality, Quotation.

beauty service at flower by mausoleum spa
Flower Bang Lang Spa

1 General Beauty Services At Hoa Bang Lang Spa

As one of the large and prestigious Spas in HCM, Flower Bang Lang Spa Focus on developing key services including:

  • Full body relaxation service: Customers can experience full body massage under the skillful hands of spa staff. The unit combines many techniques of massaging the neck, shoulder, nape, thighs... professionally and skillfully. Thereby helping customers feel comfortable mentally, eliminating fatigue and daily worries.
Review of Beauty Service Hoa Bang Lang Spa HCM: Quality, Quotation? Prove
Full body relaxation service at Hoa Bang Lang Spa
  • Facial careFacial massage helps blood vessels circulate, enhances the ability to absorb nutrients and increases skin elasticity. Besides supporting beautiful, smooth and shiny skin, this service also helps to relax and reduce stress after a long tiring day at work.
Review of Beauty Service Hoa Bang Lang Spa HCM: Quality, Quotation? Prove
Facials at Hoa Bang Lang Spa
  • Whole body skin care service from fruit: Skin care method from fresh natural fruit is safe and effective to beautify the skin. After the procedure, the skin is deeply cleaned of pores, smooth and pink throughout the body and supports good blood circulation. Thanks to this, the skin easily absorbs nutrients and is smooth and pink as expected.

2 Quotation for Beauty Services at Hoa Bang Lang Spa

Service price list of Hoa Bang Lang Spa updated in 2023, refer to it if you are in need of beauty here:

  • Price for full body relaxation service
service name Price
Massage with distilled water from fresh ginger root Contact spa
Hot stone massage 150.000 VND/ 45 servings
  • Prices for facial care services
service name Price
Full set of chili Contact spa
Normal face and fruit face massage 235.000 VND/ 75 minutes
Face massage with ice Contact spa
Facial massage with warm stones and mulberry leaves Contact spa
Massage head, hair with coconut oil and wash with locust 250.000 VND/ 45 minutes
Matcha mask for neck and chest 130.000 VND/ 1 servings
  • Price of body care service with fresh fruit
service name Price
Apply Seng Cu rice Contact spa
Sand bath / orange sand bath 150.000 VND/ 45 minutes
Wine bath 180.000 VND/ 45 minutes
Avocado bath Contact spa
Black turmeric bath 150.000 VND/ 45 minutes
Cocoa bath 180.000 VND/ 45 minutes
Bath with traditional medicine 150.000 VND/ 45 minutes
Herbal bath 150.000 VND/ 45 minutes
Potato bath 150.000 VND/ 45 minutes
Aloe vera/carrot bath 150.000 VND/ 45 minutes
Strawberry bath Contact spa
Take a shower Contact spa
Pumpkin bath Contact spa
Bath with pineapple coconut 180.000 VND/ 45 minutes
Coffee bath Contact spa
Exfoliate dead skin VND XNX

3 Reasons for Beauty at Hoa Bang Lang Spa

Born in the year of 2005, Flower Bang Lang Spa step by step affirming the brand name by providing salon efficient, safe, reasonable cost with professional and dedicated service attitude.

Flower Lagerstroemia The main focus is on the group of non-invasive, non-surgical body care beauty services. The unit uses manual techniques combined with natural, clearly sourced skin care ingredients to provide sustainable, non-harmful effects in the long run.

Currently, Hoa Bang Lang Spa has successfully expanded to two locations in District 3 and Phu Nhuan District. Each location is invested in terms of spacious, clean and private facilities for guests.

Review of Beauty Service Hoa Bang Lang Spa HCM: Quality, Quotation? Prove
Enthusiastic consulting staff

To have the success as now, the unit has implemented and complied with the following conditions:

  • Employees are well trained in attitude and qualifications. During the working process, the spa organizes for employees to participate in learning about massage technique, skin care… new and improved skills training.
  • Using high quality genuine cosmetics, fresh fruit in skin care treatments.
  • No TIP, free relaxing sauna.
  • Free tea and cake on weekends (Saturday, Sunday).
  • Professional working process, consulting customers according to the needs and body condition.
  • There is no situation of "pushing" to use the service, buy more unnecessary cosmetics.
  • Transparent about the price of each beauty service.
  • Quality is guaranteed as advertised, bringing satisfaction to customers when experiencing.
  • Spa space is divided scientifically (close seating area, private and discreet service area).
  • Regularly launching attractive incentive programs and service discounts (gift vouchers, pre-wedding care packages, savings membership cards).

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