Review of Beauty Services Cao Brows HCM: Service, Quality, Confidential Quotation

Review of Beauty Services Cao Brows HCM: Service, Quality, Quotation

Spray tattoo eyebrows, lips Many customers are interested and chosen to improve the beauty, fortune and destiny (feng shui point of view). Grasping that demand, many units in HCM opened tattoo spray service for men and women with different technologies, techniques, prices…. In there, Cao Brows are highly appreciated by customers and choose to use the service (including many famous singers and actors).

So quality? Beauty services at Cao Brows HCM how? What's the price? Let's discover together now!

Learn about Beauty Services at Cao Brows HCM

Established in 2018, Cao Brows specializes in providing cosmetic tattooing services for men and women. The unit operates on the criteria "Beauty is to be beautiful"And"Follow safety rules against cross-infectionshould grow stronger and stronger.

Cao Brows Spa HCM
Cao Brows Spa HCM

Check out the outstanding beauty services at Cao Brows:

  • Anthropology tattoo spray service: Shaping the eyebrows in accordance with the individual's anthropology, applying the technique of tattooing to create fibers and drawing eyebrows based on the golden ratio matrix of the face.
  • Borderless lip tattoo service: Apply the technique of dotting lips to create a natural and beautiful lip shape. Color design and lip shape are consulted based on facial features, age and customer preferences.
  • Reconstruction service, correcting error tattoo spray eyebrows: use dotting brows and hairstrokes technique to correct the eyebrows that are out of shape, asymmetrical, green, and red on the face.
  • Pro Scalp hair follicle beauty service: helps shape hair roots, natural hair follicles to help hair look thicker and more beautiful.

Latest Cao Brows Beauty Service Quotes

Cost of cosmetic tattoo spray at Cao Brows depending on the service package selected by the customer, usually ranging from 1 million or more. In particular, the price will be higher if you want to be done by CEO Phuong Cao.

The detailed price list is not public on Cao Brows' official communication channels, contact the unit directly for the most specific advice and cost quote.

Review of Beauty Services of Cao Brows HCM in detail

To have a better overview of the quality of beauty services at Cao Brows, let's explore the following aspects in detail:

1 Intensive service, applying exclusive techniques

Cao Brows focus activities on arrays aesthetic tattoo spray according to feng shui, featuring eyebrow and lip tattooing services. Not only contributes to creating lips, eyebrow shape suitable for feng shui, high aesthetics, but the unit also supports correcting faulty eyebrows and lips. Besides, the Pro Scalp hairline shaping service also applies professional tattooing techniques to help the hair look more bouncy and thicker.

Cao Brows owns many exclusive aesthetic and feng shui tattooing techniques such as:

  • Sketch the arithmetical eyebrows.
  • Spray lip color transplant Dotting lips.
  • HairStokes Basic.
  • HairStokes Ultra Sharp.
Review of Beauty Services Cao Brows HCM: Service, Quality, Confidential Quotation
Cosmetic tattooing service at Spa Cao Brows HCM

Each customer who comes here is sketched with eyebrows and lips according to anthropology based on the golden ratio of the face. Combined with top-notch tattooing techniques, it brings natural, harmonious, and beautiful eyebrows and lips, committed to not turning green or red.

2 Spacious and modern infrastructure system

The system of facilities is invested by Cao Brows with spacious, comfortable and modern rooms. After each customer performs the service, cleaning and disinfection will be carried out to avoid the risk of cross-contamination.

It is also equipped with modern and well-functioning machines to help carry out the work smoothly and accurately. In parallel, Cao Brows used 100% European imported inkjet ink helps the tattoo spray lines to be even, the color is standard and does not fade, limiting color fading over time.

3 Skilled staff

The staff at Cao Brows have good qualifications, work with heart. All are trained directly by CEO Phuong Cao technical, and work ethics.

Review of Beauty Services Cao Brows HCM: Service, Quality, Confidential Quotation
Professional and experienced staff

Employees serve customers with respect, enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Customers who come here are consulted enthusiastically based on their needs and face reality to ensure factors aesthetics - feng shui - quality balance in each service.

Synthetic hope Review beauty services of Cao Brows HCM: Service, Quality, Quotation? will be useful to you. See more list TOP beauty spa in Vietnam for the most suitable choice.

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