Address Do Hong - Safe, Prestigious and Prestigious Breast Removal in Ho Chi Minh City Prove

Address Do Hong - Safe and Prestigious Breast Removal in Ho Chi Minh City

Not only make pink, remove dark nipples - But also take care of anti-aging skin in the chest area.

Address Do Hong - Safe, Prestigious and Prestigious Breast Removal in Ho Chi Minh City Prove

Miss Tram is famous for handling weak skin areas, sensitive skin, bad skin in nipples such as:

  • Feeling numb.
  • Nipples are darkened due to genetics.
  • Rough, scarred and aging.
  • Hormonal causes discolouration.
  • The dead horny layer is too thick.
  • Due to the side effects of poor quality cosmetics/perspirants.

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What is rosacea?

We all know that, Breast is the subtle name to describe the part nipple tip of women. This is a part present on the breast shape to maintain motherhood.

Black, dull, wrinkled nipples This is a major limitation that makes women feel self-conscious about their partner.

The service is the prestigious quality rose nipples in Ho Chi Minh City

The process of making pink, removing dark nipples is a modern cosmetic technology that works to remove dark, rough skin areas to become rosy. Now, technique of making rose nipples Gently impacted in just 45 minutes, the aesthetic results are optimal for the performer.

1 Be careful when deciding to do pink - remove dark nipples

Ulcers, breast enlargement, loss of sensation in the nipples when "in love" ... are accidents that women may encounter when using these devices. How to make nipple pink at unscrupulous facilities, with low-skilled technicians.

Therefore, women need to consider carefully before making a decision make nipples pink to avoid unfortunate events, affecting health.

2 Causes of dark nipples

  • + Due to heredity

A lot of women are very young, not yet mothers but nipples have been darkened, dark, are not rosy, most of them are inherited from parents. Because both nipple size Its color and color are both greatly influenced by genetic factors.

  • + Due to breastfeeding

When a woman has become a mother, and is breastfeeding, surely the effects of the baby's teeth, gums or tongue when sucking on the nipple can cause harm. Dark nipples, poor color, roughness and aging faster.

  • Women's hormones change

This is also one of the big reasons why dark female nipples. Because when hormones are out of balance, Melanin pigment is stimulated to be active, to lose rosy color inherent to the original nipple.

  • + Wearing a bra that is too tight

When wearing a tight bra, how often does the bra rub up? nipples, nipples the higher. At the same time, putting pressure on the chest can also cause black nipples.

In addition, there are a number of other causes such as too much sex, unscientific peeling of the nipple, which can also cause the nipple to change its color darker.

Address Do Hong - Safe, Prestigious and Prestigious Breast Removal in Ho Chi Minh City Prove

3 Why do pink nipples?

Although considered a small part of a woman's body, nipples play an important role, creating attraction as well as charm for a partner.

In a relationship with husband and wife, a round bust with rosy nipples will create cohesion and sublimation.

With regions dark nipples, rough and aging Over time, women should have appropriate interventions to quickly remove inferiority and inferiority complex as well as bring about the most attractive appearance possible.

Although it is only a small problem, dark nipples can affect family happiness. Accordingly, making nipples is an important and necessary thing to help women remove the daily guilt and inferiority.

4 Who is suitable for breast color change procedure?

  • Persons Breast poor color, dark, dull
  • Women have Dark nipples due to hormonal changes before and after birth. However, you have to wait until the baby stops breastfeeding completely before using the course.
  • Women wear tight bras dark nipples.
  • Those who want to own nipples and nipples more rosy, brighter and more attractive.
  • Those who want to remove the less-than-sharp horny layer in the nipple area and have rosy, soft, brighter nipples than the original condition.
  • This method also works on male nipples. If men also want to improve their nipples, they can also choose this method.

5 Popular methods to make nipples pink (depending on skin type when examining to choose the right method)

Address Do Hong - Safe, Prestigious and Prestigious Breast Removal in Ho Chi Minh City Prove

1) Spray tattoo to make nipple pink:

Spray tattoo to make nipple pink It is an invasive cosmetic procedure that affects the body. Same as tattoo spray methods Usually, professionals will progress to using the tattoo machine Specialized for putting tattoo ink under the skin.

Tattoo ink used are extracted from natural ingredients, with high compatibility with the body. A special point for tattoo spray method hey that's just use pink tattoo ink or nude pink instead of colorful like cosmetic tattoo spray methods other.

Address Do Hong - Safe, Prestigious and Prestigious Breast Removal in Ho Chi Minh City Prove

  • Treatment time: 1 time
  • Costs fluctuate: 3.000.000 – 5.000.000/ depending on the facility

2) Laser breast augmentation:

Doctors will use specialized machines to shoot lasers directly into the area Breast your. The lasers are tuned to the right frequency to create a thermal impact at the sites fired. This will help destroy the pigmented structure that makes the skin dark, and at the same time stimulate the body to produce new cells, bringing about a natural beauty effect from deep within.

  • Treatment time: 1 time
  • Costs fluctuate: 10.000.000 – 15.000.000/ depending on the facility

3) Make the nipples pink by the nutrient Peel method:

Peel is a cosmetic method to make the nipples pink with Peel nutrients. This is a type of nutrient that contains many nutritional ingredients to help nourish cells from deep within, helping your nipple area to become naturally rosy. This method is highly appreciated and preferred by experts today.

After only one skin peel treatment, nipple area will be rosy, fresh, naturally beautiful like in your twenties, regaining attractive pink petals to seduce men. Not only that, this process also helps rejuvenation nipples, improve the wrinkling of the nipples.

  • Treatment time: 1 time
  • Costs fluctuate: 2.000.000 – 7.000.000/ depending on the facility

Address Do Hong - Safe, Prestigious and Prestigious Breast Removal in Ho Chi Minh City Prove

6 Pros and cons of different methods of making nipples

As you all know, the make nipples pink Harmful or not will depend on the method you choose. Therefore, the following will be The advantages and disadvantages of cosmetic methods to make breast pink help you choose safe and appropriate cosmetic methods.

Advantages of methods to make pink nipples

  • Helps you get rosy, youthful nipples in the most natural way. Bring confidence to women.
  • The methods are simple, after only 20-30 minutes, you can see the clear beauty effect.
  • The methods of making nipples pink can be maintained for a long time, some methods can be maintained forever.

Disadvantages of these methods

Some disadvantages of these methods of persimmon are:

  • Tattooing methods can cause damage to the chest area or the appearance of inflammation and allergies due to the use of poor quality tattoo ink and poor technical skills.
  • The service of making nipples with Peel nutrients can cause allergies if the ingredients are not suitable for the skin
  • The heat effect of the laser method can make the chest area sensitive, sometimes with a burning sensation, discomfort.

7 Tips to help make rose nipples safe

To ensure safety and get satisfactory results, you need to note the following:

  • Choose the method that is right for your skin and location to avoid an allergic reaction.
  • Do not use the method of nipple tattooing if the area is sensitive and prone to scarring.
  • Note about the use of nourishing ingredients or tattoo ink. It is necessary to ensure that these products are of clear origin and quality assurance.
  • Choose a reputable cosmetic facility, experienced and highly qualified doctors to avoid risks in the beauty process.
  • Take care at home according to the doctor's instructions after performing breast augmentation.

Address Do Hong - Safe, Prestigious and Prestigious Breast Removal in Ho Chi Minh City Prove


8 Why should you do breast augmentation at Miss Tram Spa?

  • Using high-quality ingredients: The nipple area will become noticeably pink from the first time the peel is performed. At the end of the course, the skin will lighten from 3 to 5 tones thanks to the direct supply of high-class vitamins.

  • Absolutely safe: The process will not cause damage and will not affect the milk ducts during later breastfeeding.

  • Use foreign technology. Make sure not to contain chemicals, harmful substances affecting the sensitive area.

  • The process of performing pink breast peel is thoroughly tested before application, so it is guaranteed not to leave scars

The process of making nipples at Miss Tram

Step 1 Clean the area to be treated and dry
Step 2 Apply the peel essence to the skin.
Step 3 Massage neutralizes the essence, helping the skin to calm down.
Step 4 Clean the treated area.
Step 5 Advise customers on how to take care of the nipple area after treatment

Address Do Hong - Safe, Prestigious and Prestigious Breast Removal in Ho Chi Minh City Prove


9 The notes after doing the rose nipple service?

After it's done breast peel treatment The next day, the skin will be tight and dry, and the regeneration will begin. Therefore, to ensure that the removal process is highly effective, you need to note a few things below:

  • Apply emulsion serum that Spa provides, apply 2-3 times a day.
  • When you see the nipple skin peeling, absolutely do not use your hands to peel off this regenerated skin layer, because this can cause the nipple skin to be damaged, even leaving scars.
  • After completing the course, please Abstain from male-female relationships until the nipple is pink and fully restored.
  • Abstain from eating certain foods that are easy to cause scarring such as water spinach, soy sauce, beef, chicken, and seafood.
  • Do not use shower gels, cleaning products for the nipple area
  • Not having a strong impact on the "double mountain" will easily cause damage to the nipples
  • Wear a comfortable bra, do not wear too tight, it will cause strong rubbing on the nipples.
  • And of course you should also wear light and airy fabrics. Clean nipples with physiological saline, do not use shower gel.

Address Do Hong - Safe, Prestigious and Prestigious Breast Removal in Ho Chi Minh City Prove

10 Frequently asked questions about pink nipples

Question 1: Pregnant women should do pink nipples?

Dark nipples During pregnancy is due to hormonal changes. So instead look for remedies at the moment. You should wait after giving birth, the hormones in the body stabilize, and then it is not too late to treat.

Question 2: Is it harmful to make pink nipples?

Job make nipples pink Whether it's harmful will depend on the method you're going to take. However, most of these methods only cause skin effects, so there will be no bad or dangerous complications to your health. You just need to choose reputable facilities to do.

Question 3: How long does it take for the nipples to recover?

Recovery time is from 7 to 10 days if the process goes smoothly without infection.

Question 4: After making pink nipples, will they be dark again?

In some cases, after making the nipples pink, the nipples are dark again. However, in the opinion of experts, how long to make pink nipples and whether to darken again depends on many factors, including some basic factors such as:

  • Body of each person: mainly due to skin pigmentation
  • Is the technology of making rose nipples effective or not?
  • The care regime of each person after making nipples.

Question 5: Which method is safe for nipples?

Spray tattoo Although it can improve dark spots. However, breast tattooing is an unsafe method and can cause many complications. Peeling nipples and using laser treatment is a new technology that is safer for people who have cosmetic surgery.

Depending on the case of dermatoscopy to the center Determining the right method of making rose nipples for each person. If there is an unsuitable skin type, the center will reject it for safety reasons.

Question 6: I don't want pink but I just want to remove dark spots, is that okay?

okay friend. Pink is just a general expression for everyone to understand. You can choose other colors (like skin color, ocher, beige, pastel) depending on your needs. Depending on each need, appropriate techniques and materials will be used.


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