Eyebrow Shape With Head But Missing Tail How To Emphasize

What's the method for eyebrows with a head but missing a tail?

Eyebrow shape has a significant effect on the face and attitude of each person. So for the eyebrow shape with the head but missing the tail, what method should be done?

Not everyone is born with beautiful eyebrows, so many of you feel a lack of confidence and ruin your face. To regain the shape of prosperous and good eyebrows, remove the previous unbalanced eyebrows, you can apply the following solutions. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Here's a summary!

Short Eyebrows What To Do?

1. Disguise with makeup

Short eyebrows and suitable eyebrow beautification methods
Makeup for eyebrows

For those of you who have thin eyebrows, have a head but are missing a tail, makeup is always an effective method to help you overcome the above situation. You just need to use eyebrow powder or a suitable color pencil to draw a balanced eyebrow shape with your face and eyes.

If you love youthfulness and dynamism, you can use bright eyebrow colors such as chestnut brown or smoky gray, avoid using traditional black because you will look much older. (Do you know the Habits that make eyebrows ugly? Learn the following 5 habits for the best remedy.)

2. Apply an olive or coconut oil mask to your eyebrows

Apply olive mask for eyebrows
Apply olive mask for eyebrows

Another equally effective solution to help you fix short, fuzzy eyebrows is to apply an olive oil or coconut oil mask for the eyebrows. Coconut oil, olive oil are natural ingredients that stimulate hair growth faster and longer.

You should regularly apply coconut oil or olive oil on the eyebrows and the tails are blurred 2-3 times / week to see the effect that this method brings! (Refer natural eyebrow care tips simple at home for you).

3. Eyebrow embroidery at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center

Finally, the fastest and most effective method that we would like to introduce to you. The eyebrow embroidery method at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will overcome the disadvantage of the eyebrow shape with the head but missing your tail.

Eyebrow tail embroidery is a cosmetic method to help girls with short, sparse, pale eyebrows that make the face lack vitality and take a long time to draw but still not satisfied. With the most advanced modern embroidery technology today along with a team of highly skilled and experienced doctors at Miss Tram will help you get the beautiful eyebrows you want.

The method of spraying eyebrow powder is beautiful
The method of spraying beautiful powder eyebrows for customers

The fast implementation process ensures no scars, giving you a beautiful, natural brow that fits your face. In particular, inkjet ink imported directly from the US, completely natural extract has extremely high color adhesion ability, accurate color up to 99%, durable color, preserving natural beauty for 3-5 years.

The process of spraying the tail of the eyebrows

  • Step 1 – Examination and consultation: You will be directly examined and consulted on the most suitable eyebrow shape, color and technique.
  • Step 2 – Shaping your eyebrows: Draw an outline to create the most suitable eyebrow shape for the customer, and the specialist will disinfect the eyebrow embroidery tool according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health.
  • Step 3 – Incubate eyebrows: The eyebrow area is cleaned and gently numbed to ensure that the tattooing process is not swollen, painless, without any discomfort.
  • Step 4: Carrying out embroidery on the tail of the eyebrow

This method uses a specialized medical fiber brush to pluck each thin, soft, natural eyebrow, alternating into each gap based on the pre-made eyebrow frame, thereby supplementing the eyebrows with natural ink. (Secrets Draw eyebrows suitable for each face used by many estheticians).

Beautiful eyebrow sculpting process at the top prestigious spa uy
Beautiful eyebrow sculpting process at the top prestigious spa uy

Understanding the importance of a sharp eyebrow, suitable for the face, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center quickly transferred and applied the eyebrow embroidery spray method to bring beautiful eyebrows to thousands of customers, becoming one of the prestigious tattoo spray addresses in Ho Chi Minh City. Come to Miss Tram, we will help you to be naturally beautiful!

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