When Should You Tape Your Eyelids Again After Confidential Eyelid Spray?

When Should You Resume Your Eyelids After Eyelid Spray?

To make the eyes more beautiful and sparkling, many women find a method Spray eyelids open to adorn the eyes with depth, harmony. However, there are factors such as ink quality, geography, weather, and dust that make the eye contour quickly fade.

The following article of Miss Tram will share with you the problem of concern eyelid spray How often should you reapply, let's keep an eye on it!

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When Should You Resume Your Eyelids After Eyelid Spray?

The time to spray the eyelids open should be reapplied: The eyelid lines when sprayed will be effective for 3 - 5 years. Depending on the care and location of each person, the long-term durability will be decided. There are people who only have 1-2 years to go back and forth, but there are also people who take longer than that.

Come to Miss Tram to experience the hottest eyelid spray service today:

  • The open eyelid spray method uses an embroidery pen tip with a microscopic size, only 0.2 mm, allowing experts to control the depth and depth of each embroidery ink line.
  • Committed to using 100% of the ink extracted from natural herbs originating in Europe, the ink color on the skin is always natural and the time to use is longer than other common types from 3-5 years.
  • With a team of highly skilled experts in the beauty industry, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center confidently brings you beautiful natural eye colors, long lasting, not dull but also safe for the skin.

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Some Current Eyelid Beauty Methods:

  • Spray natural eyelids
  • Spraying watery eyelids with tails
  • Spray fishtail eyelids
  • Spray eyelids
  • Eyelid sculpture
  • Remove - Repair eyelids that have been tattooed before

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