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Eyebrow Miles - Refurbish New Look For Your Eyebrows

Mentioned make beautiful eyebrows then we will immediately think of eyebrow design as well as Beauty method for eyebrows new. However, at the same time redo your eyebrows Have done it before is also an issue that is of great concern to customers.

In this article Miss Tram will share with you professional information around the content eyebrow mile, from which will help you to have the choice of technique, cost as well as the most suitable process for the eyebrows you want to retouch!

Close-up of the Sculpting Process – Making Eyebrows for Hot Mom Di Bandages

What Are Eyebrow Miles?

There are quite a few on the market right now Method to beautify eyebrows as new as Tattoo – Spray – Embroidery – Sculpting eyebrows with yarn, etc… These methods all have one thing in common Semi-permanent beauty for eyebrows (After a while the ink will peel off and you need to reapply to get the color like new), help you to own beautiful natural eyebrows or sharp on demand, most importantly, save time to design eyebrow shape every day.

What are the points to keep in mind when redoing the eyebrows?

To easily distinguish the difference between Tattoo - Spray - Embroidery eyebrows or Eyebrow sculpture, you can see the details in the article The secret to choosing the right eyebrow cosmetic method for men and women.

Eyebrow mile is a check operation, additional ink color after the refresh process about 1 month helps eyesbrown achieve the sharp, natural as desired by each customer.

Circumstances In Need of Eyebrow Miles?

+ After the first refresh

After 1-2 months make eyebrows, you can go back to where you did to re-mile or not as you like. Usually, common, normal, redo your eyebrows is very necessary because there are many factors that affect the ink color not up to standard in the first time such as the care process, the oily skin that is difficult to adhere to the ink, the method of application, etc.

Price list for eyebrow retouching service in HCMC

Implementation process:

  • After 1-2 months, you go back to the facility that was done to adjust the eyebrow shape again for balance;
  • Next, the specialist proceeds Spraying, Sculpting back dặm on previous ink strokes to create even color, good ink adhesion, sharpness and natural standards to help eyebrow finishing;

Execution time: Faster than the first, only 60 - 90 minutes depending on the facility

Cost of Eyebrow Miles After First Renewal

Free or surcharge from 500.000 VND – 3.000.000 VND depending on the facility

(ink quality, warranty policy, implementation specialist)

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The eyebrows have been made for many years, so the color of the eyebrows is pale and not beautiful anymore

This is one of the common cases when beautify eyebrows. As you know, the process Spraying, Embroidery or Sculpting eyebrow thread only affects the epidermis of the skin, in addition, with the quality of herbal ink to help bring safety to customers' health, the color fastness time usually ranges from 1-3 years.

Some customers have a lot of oily skin, then from 6 months to 1 year, the eyebrow color will start to fade gradually, so you should reapply to be more beautiful.

The most popular methods of eyebrow retouching today

Implementation process:

  • Real expert Adjust the shape of the eyebrows, shape the eyebrow frame benchmark before mile;
  • Proceed Spray, Sculpting miles back on the previous ink stroke to create even color, good ink adhesion, sharpness and natural standards eyebrow finishing;
  • In case the old ink base has changed color and is no longer beautiful, the ink background will be lightly processed and then the new color will be more beautiful;

Execution time: 90 – 120 phút depending on the facility

The Cost of Miles That Have Been Made For Years

Free or surcharge from 1.000.000 VND – 8.000.000 VND depending on the facility

(time to mile, ink quality, application method, warranty policy, implementation specialist)

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Who should redo the eyebrows?

Spray Embroidery, Sculpting at the facility is of poor quality or the ink color is blue and red

There are many reasons for this situation green and red eyebrows such as poor quality ink, ink color is too brown or too black, technician's skill when performing, etc.

Depends on the level of previous ink background dark or light color for a plan to re-color the standard color. Also you can learn more about How to handle when spraying red eyebrows.

Implementation process

If the old ink background, the eyebrows are green and red

  • Let your brows grow back green/red bloom continue afterwards as well as the ink base is not clumped or sloppy. You should suck the ink less with the Methods such as laser removal, solution removal or color reduction,.vv
  • After the old ink base has faded, you can easily choose to redo your eyebrows with Spray Technique - Embroidery or Sculpting eyebrows then to own beautiful, natural, satisfied new eyebrows.

Execution time: Each ink suction is 1 month apart, then mileage 90 -120 minutes depending on the facility

Should I redo my eyebrows at miss tram

The Cost of Treatment of Browsing Green, Bold Red Eyebrows

Ink suction 500.000 VND – 2.000.000 VND/time depending on the facility

Redo eyebrows from 2.000.000 VND – 8.000.000 VND depending on the facility (application method, ink quality, warranty policy, implementation specialist)

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Magic brown eyebrow beauty method at Miss Tram

If the old ink background is pale

The old background has faded, you will not have to spend time to erase or absorb ink. Currently, technology background treatment of green/red eyebrows has been improved and widely applied in cosmetic facilities.

Accordingly, the specialist will treat it with a specialized solution and proceed Spray - Embroidery - Sculpt new eyebrows after that.

Execution time:   90 -120 minutes depending on the facility

What to eat and what to abstain from?

The Cost of Treating Green and Pale Red Eyebrows

Treatment + Redo eyebrows from 3.000.000 VND – 10.000.000 VND depending on the facility

(application method, ink quality, warranty policy, implementation specialist)

Not satisfied with the done eyebrows, want to change the technique or style

This is a very common case with customers who have done eyebrows before but are not satisfied and want to change eyebrow styling and eyebrow retouching to be more beautiful.

Implementation process:

  • Analysis eyebrow condition of the customer: Is the old ink background still dark or light, is it green, red or just light and evenly colored;
  • Method consulting redo your eyebrows so you can easily choose Spray - Embroidery or Sculpting eyebrows;
  • The technician will new eyebrow design suitable and balanced according to your wishes and then proceed to do;

Execution time:  90 -120 minutes depending on the facility

Evaluate the most popular and prestigious eyebrow retouching services today

Cost of Changing Eyebrow Style

All in one range from 3.000.000 VND – 10.000.000 VND depending on the facility

(application method, ink quality, warranty policy, implementation specialist)

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