Wrinkled neck skin

What Causes Wrinkled Neck Skin And How To Fix It

Entering middle age, or when exposed to a lot of pollution, our skin is no longer as healthy as before. Especially neck skin very sensitive and often appear premature aging. This leads to the situation wrinkled neck skin, sagging makes you look old and less beautiful. So why is the skin on the neck wrinkled and how to fix it? Let Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Share it with you in this post!

The cause of the neck skin wrinkle you do not know?

Causes of neck wrinkles
Wrinkled neck skin has many causes

Here is a summary of the reasons why your neck skin is wrinkled according to experts:

  • Genetics: If you inherit the gene for premature aging from your parents, your neck area can completely wrinkle earlier than your age. This is a fairly common cause and you can't avoid it.
  • Diet in daily meals is not reasonable: you often eat not enough nutrients, so it can affect the neck skin.
  • Irregular lifestyle: it can be caused by lifestyle or daily habits that affect your health in general but also affect your skin in particular. For example, you often stay up late, get up early, skip meals, making the organs in the body disordered, leading to wrinkled, dry skin.
  • Do not cover when going out: the sun contains a lot of ultraviolet rays and UV rays that make your skin quickly damaged and very susceptible to aging, wrinkles appear more.

If your neck area is showing signs of "aging before its age", don't worry too much. There are many different ways to correct wrinkled, sagging neck skin that have been proven effective, safe and fast.

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4 Simple and Effective Neck Wrinkle Removal Solutions

1. Use sunscreen

When you go out, you should apply sunscreen, or wearing a jacket that covers the neck area by UV rays is the culprit that contributes significantly to the aging of the neck skin. This is a very simple way to protect the neck skin, but it is easy to forget because you often only have the habit of applying sunscreen on your face and hands, paying little attention to the neck area.

neck skin care
Use sunscreen for the neck area

2. Correct sleeping position

You should choose a moderately low pillow, and sleeping on a firm mattress is best to keep the neck skin in the most relaxed position, avoiding stretching. Avoid sleeping too much neck flexion will make the skin prone to wrinkles.

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3. Practice neck massage regularly

Massage is the best way to improve blood circulation in the body area and maintain a healthy neck area. Neck massage exercises are as follows:

  • Sit up straight, shake your head to the left 5 times, shake your head to the right 5 times
  • Keep your head straight, then tilt your head toward your shoulders. Do your best and keep in mind that your shoulders should remain in the original position. After that, switch side.
how to fix wrinkled neck skin
Practice neck massage regularly

With this method can help you stretch muscles, reduce stress but also have health benefits. So you should do these exercises at least once a day.

4. Nutrition for neck skin

Foods with good nutrients for the skin, vitamin C supplements, seafood, and staying away from stimulants such as tobacco, alcohol, etc. also contribute significantly to improving the condition of wrinkled neck skin.

In addition, you can also use lotions or masks from natural ingredients such as tomatoes, cucumbers, yogurt, strawberries, etc. If you do it regularly, you will quickly improve your skin condition. Effectively sagging neck, returning smooth, youthful skin.

How to take care of wrinkled neck skin
Supplement good nutrients for the skin

With the above useful sharing, you probably know why the neck skin is wrinkled, right? From now on, make a suitable and fast beauty plan to be able to own smooth, smooth, and full of vitality skin like in your twenties!

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Or if you don't have time, perseverance to apply the above natural methods, come to Miss Tram, experts will advise on modern technology, helping you quickly regain smooth skin!

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