Uneven Skin What To Do? Document

Uneven Skin What To Do?

Owning a lane uneven skin tone always make women lose their self-esteem, especially when they leave their faces bare. Understanding this feeling, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center give women some effective solutions to solve uneven skin tone quickly through the article below.

Causes of uneven skin tone
Uneven skin tone: Causes and solutions

The Secret to Fixing Uneven Skin Color

Uneven skin tone for what reason?

  • The inevitable cause is age.
  • Due to direct exposure to sunlight. As you know, UV rays have the ability to destroy skin texture and make skin dull. The fact that you do not use sunscreen regularly can also make your skin tone significantly reduced.
  • Due to scars, freckles, inflamed skin areas or scars acne Leaves also makes the skin uneven, darkening the skin.
  • Due to hormonal changes in the body, it causes the color to be black and white.
  • Regular use of cosmetics and birth control pills also directly affects the skin.
  • Drink less water. When your skin is dehydrated, your skin will dry out, so the functions of pigmentation regulation are reduced. In addition, the effects of sunlight, pollution, electromagnetic influences ... gradually make the skin rough and gray.
  • Unbalanced lifestyle: Unbalanced work and rest time will also affect metabolic activity, promote melanin production, cause hormonal disorders, and affect skin pigmentation. . Especially for those of you who often stay up late, lack of sleep makes the skin around the eyes dark circles and contributes to accelerating the skin aging process.
  • Irregular living schedule: Inappropriate work and rest will also affect metabolic activity, promote melanin production, cause endocrine disruption, and affect skin pigmentation. Lack of sleep also contributes to accelerated skin aging.
Uneven skin color can cause melasma, freckles
Uneven skin color can cause melasma, freckles

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The secret to overcoming uneven skin tone is simple but effective

Supplement vitamins and minerals for the body

Not eating enough nutrients or in other words a lack of vitamins is also one of the causes of dull, less fresh skin. On the contrary, when you set up a reasonable lifestyle, eat enough nutrients, lots of green vegetables, low in fat, exercise regularly, there is no reason why your skin is not healthy. In addition, you can drink detox juice or fruit smoothies to load vitamins for your body!

Get enough sleep

From now on, you should gradually give up the habit of staying up late, because it is not only harmful to your health but also seriously affects your skin. Sleep is very important for health and it is also an important "cosmetic" for beauty. Sufficient sleep will bring you mental comfort, abundant health and firm skin. Sleep at least 7-8 hours/day to keep your skin fresh and radiant!

How to care for uneven skin tone
Getting enough sleep is the best skin care measure

Use sunscreen when going out

The harsh sun and dust are the cause of your skin damage. Therefore, when you go out you should apply sunscreen to protect the skin from environmental influences. In addition, you can use hats, jackets, masks, sunglasses to shield and block UV rays. Note, you should use a sunscreen with a high enough SPF and suitable for your skin.

Exfoliate dead skin cells

Fix uneven skin tone
Schedule an appropriate exfoliation for the skin

Exfoliate dead skin It is a simple way to remove old skin cells, creating an opportunity for the skin to quickly regenerate and increase elasticity, slow down the aging process, maintain an even skin tone.

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Use a face mask

Take 15 minutes 2-3 times a week to apply a nourishing mask, because the skin also needs to provide adequate nutrients. Some types of face masks that help even out skin tone are:

Coconut oil mask: In coconut oil contains fatty acids, moisturizing the skin is very suitable for those with dry skin. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties also aid in reducing the redness and inflammation left behind by acne.

Use natural skin care masks
Use natural skin care masks

Yogurt mask + turmeric: In yogurt, lactic acid is often used to prepare cosmetics for dry skin. Lactic acid acts as an exfoliating agent to help restore skin. Yogurt has a cooling effect on the skin, which is very beneficial for sunburned skin that leads to uneven skin tone. And turmeric helps antibacterial, lifts skin tone and makes your skin dark. (Learn Standard skin care secret from Japanese women you definitely have to try).

Surely you have also consulted and realized what is What causes uneven skin tone? then right? Right now, let's start implementing the above solutions to improve dull skin to become white, smooth and rosy like ever!

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