Uneven Skin Color Why? Final

Uneven Skin Color Why?

In general, the percentage of people owning lanes uneven skin tone is making up the majority. It not only manifests between areas of the face, but also holds body parts together. And why is the UV light in the skin uneven? AsianSun exposure, aging as well as inappropriate care regimens are the major causes of uneven skin tone between areas.

Uneven skin tone: Causes and solutions
Uneven skin tone: Causes and safe remedies

Causes of Uneven Skin Color

Melanin – the first agent

The epidermis is the outermost of the three layers that make up the skin. Creating a barrier against infection by pathogens from the environment, as well as regulating the amount of water from the body is an important task of the epidermis.

And to do this well, the epidermis needs the help of Melanin produced by Melanocytes scattered in the basal layer of the epidermis. Melanin in the human body usually exists in the forms Eumelanin, Pheomelanin and Neuromelanin. In different forms, they will perform different biological functions such as regulating skin and hair pigmentation and protecting skin and eyes from UV rays.

UV rays are the cause of uneven skin tone
UV rays are the cause of uneven skin tone

That's why we humans have different skin colors.

Since birth, Melanin is formed every day. As a defense response to protect the body, under the influence of UV rays, Melanin will be produced more and more. The more you are exposed to the sun, the more likely your skin will become dull and uneven in color.

With this agent, if you want to fix it, you have to say no to the sun. However, this is not possible, on the one hand sunlight is essential for healthy bones, on the other hand "runs from the sun". To minimize the formation of Melanin due to sunlight, applying sunscreen when going out is a relatively effective method.

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Skin aging – the second factor

In the structure of the human body, aging usually begins when a person turns 30. However, with a busy life, frequent exposure to many chemicals, magnetic fields, and radiation will slow the process. This is accelerated. Falling into a state of aging, Elastin and collagen is no longer as solid as when he was young, even lost. As a result, your body appears sagging skin.

Causes of uneven skin tone
Skin aging is also the reason for uneven skin tone

And certainly the areas with poor elasticity will be darker than the rest. Let's take a bubble as an example to make it easy to imagine, enough air balloon will stretch brighter, vice versa will collapse, wrinkled with darker color when out of air.

Do not want to face uneven skin tone due to aging, right from the age of 20, pay a lot of attention to Collagen. According to Miss Tram, you can completely protect the collagen with proper nutrition, rest and entertainment.

In the case of conditions, the use of basic skin care methods at beauty centers also partly helps you to keep your youthful features longer.

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Stress – the third biggest factor

Causes of uneven skin tone
Prolonged stress is also a cause of skin health

Stress affects all aspects of our lives. In particular, the skin is the first part to indicate that the body is under stress. But in fact, stress does not directly make our skin worse. Our skin deteriorates as a result of a chain reaction.

Stress releases Stress Hormones like CRF or CRH. When this happens regularly, it will cause chronic stimulation of the autonomic nervous system, Renin-angiotensin system, hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, thereby causing immune dysfunction, increasing production. Oxygen activates and damages DNA, causing the skin to age rapidly.

When stressed, some people will lose control of their behavior, scratching the body, causing the skin to scratch, leading to the release of inflammatory substances. As a result, the skin will form contrasting light and dark patches. And the skin usually regenerates and restores during sleep, but when we are stressed, we often have trouble falling asleep.

So you already know Causes of uneven skin tone and know. According to the above sharing of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Proper skin care, effective sun protection and healthy lifestyle can help us to have beautiful, smooth skin. Pay attention and apply it well! (Read more about Perfect skin care routine currently being applied by many prestigious spas).

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