If you have dry skin, can eyebrow sculpture really eat good ink?

If you have dry skin, can eyebrow sculpting eat ink well?

|Question – Answer|| Does Dry Tanning Skin Do Eyebrow Sculpting Eat Ink?

The secret to sculpting eyebrows for the most standard dry skin
The secret to sculpting eyebrows for the most standard dry skin

Customers with oily skin are afraid that their sculptures will quickly fade and fade. In contrast, owning lane Dry skin, also makes people confused when choosing the method of Sculpting for eyebrows.

To help "untangle the heart" in this case, Miss Tram will always answer for the whole family:

  • Dry skin can still use the NORMAL natural fiber eyebrow sculpting method, the eyebrow hairs after peeling will retain their sharpness and density about 80%-90% compared to immediately after finishing the sculpting.
  • In fact, the dry skin group gives even better results because usually dry skin tends to keep the ink color longer and sharp as new. Oily skin types will also be suitable for sculpting, but often the end result will be a softer and less sharp ink color, likely due to the effect of the underlying oily component of the skin.

One thing that makes customers trust and choose Miss Tram so much is that Miss Tram always accompanies you from work, reminds you to check in until you SATISFIED absolute!

  • Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center is committed to using completely natural tattoo ink, which does not contain any chemicals that are harmful to the skin.
  • Modern equipment, ensuring hygiene throughout the process of making beauty for customers.

The sculpting process is done by experienced experts and lecturers who are currently teaching at the academy Miss Tram Academy

In particular, Miss Tram always has a 2nd free mile mode and a reasonable warranty for each service Spraying - embroidery - sculpting that you have done. So you can rest assured WILL NOT HAVE any additional costs incurred during this period.

Everyone can see the results of customers who have beautified at Miss Tram right below this post!

Don't hesitate #How/ Inbox or call #HOTLINE 1900 7018 For advice on all your questions about the service, please:

  • Sculpting eyebrows with natural fibers with 6D - 9D techniques for Men and Women.
  • SculptureApply natural fiber eyebrows in combination with Spray Ombre/Shading/Sandy.
  • European eyebrow sculpture.
  • Spray Ombre eyebrows.
  • Magic Shading eyebrow spray.
  • Spray eyebrow powder/Crystal American ink 100% herbal extract.
  • Spray eyebrow powder Queen toner.
  • Delete, correct and handle the phenomenon of red and blue eyebrows.
  • ...

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  1. Light pink says:

    My skin is also not dry skin, but why did I sculpt my eyebrows and I saw that it didn't eat ink. I don't know if I should do anything to fix it or spa can fix it?