Can Dry Skin Use a Clay Mask? It's not known

Can Dry Skin Use a Clay Mask?

There are many types on the market today mask with many different uses. One of the masks made by sisters oily skin Trust in choosing a clay mask because of its effective oil control and acne prevention properties. So, dry skin have use clay mask or not? And Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Find out through the following article.

Should Dry Skin Use a Clay Mask?

1. Learn about clay masks

Clay mask is a mask made from natural clay ingredients, with minerals such as iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium ... with high antioxidant capacity to help smooth beautiful skin. In general, all types of clay masks will have the effect of removing toxins, sebum, cleansing the skin or moisturizing, anti-aging and especially tighten pores effective.

This is a very effective mask used by most beauty spas. If you know how to choose and use it to suit your skin, a clay mask will significantly improve your skin condition. (Refer to the best test to identify your skin at the link:

Should dry skin use a clay mask?
Clay mask and its benefits

There are many clay masks, each with different properties and uses suitable for one or more different skin types such as:

  • White Clay, Yellow Clay and Pink Clay: Has the effect of reducing excess oil, gently cleansing the skin without drying the skin, suitable for sensitive and dry skin.
  • Green clay: Has very good oil control properties, cleans dirt and excess oil deep in the pores, suitable for oily skin types.
  • Red clay: Has the effect of replenishing minerals, regenerating and making skin smoother, suitable for all skin types.
  • Bentonite Clay: It cleans, detoxifies and restores damaged skin.
  • Fuller's Earth Clay: This is the most powerful clay, helping to deep clean sebum and dirt, and also make the skin whiter. This type of mask is usually suitable for oily skin.

2. Can dry skin use a clay mask?

From the uses of each type of clay mask that Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center just mentioned, you can answer the question "Can dry skin use a clay mask??”.

Clay mask for dry skin
Apply clay mask for face

Choose from white, pink, yellow or red clay masks – these will suit your dry skin. However, you need to apply the mask properly and moisturize immediately after applying it to the skin to be fully hydrated.

3. Apply the clay mask properly

In order for the clay mask to be effective and not counterproductive, after applying the mask to the skin, you need to understand the following process:

Stage XNXX:

Should dry skin use a clay mask?

The mask has just been applied to the face, so it is still wet, the skin will absorb the minerals in the clay.

Stage XNXX:

At this stage, the clay has begun to soften slightly but is still moist. The mask at this stage will stimulate the capillaries, enhance blood circulation to the skin. At the same time, the clay mask will act like a magnet to help absorb excess oil and dirt deep in the pores.

Stage XNXX:

This is the stage when the clay is completely dry. Usually, most of you think that you should wait for the mask to dry completely, the longer the mask is on the skin, the more excess oil and dirt, even acne will be sucked up. In fact, when completely dry, the mask will draw moisture back from the surface of the skin, leaving the skin dehydrated and prone to dehydration. This is also the reason why some of you will blush after applying a clay mask.

Therefore, the best way to optimize the effect of a clay mask is to apply it until the mask is almost dry but should not be completely dry. It is best to wash your face while the mask is still slightly damp.

* Note when applying clay mask: Just like applying other masks, before applying the mask, you should clean your skin and steam your face for the most effective facial masking process. In addition, after applying the face, you remember to moisturize enough to provide enough moisture for the skin. (What to pay attention to when applying a mask for the skin?? Hear from top skin care experts.

clay mask for dry skin
Wash your face before and after applying the clay mask

4. How many times a week should dry skin use a clay mask?

Along with the use of oil control, deep cleaning of sebum and dirt on the skin; Using clay masks continuously or too many times a week will make your skin more susceptible to dehydration and sensitivity. So, with dry skin, you should only use this mask once a week.

The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about clay masks and answer the question "Can dry skin use a clay mask?". Hope this article will be useful to you, hope you find the right mask for your skin!

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