moisturizer for oily skin

Should Oily Skin Use Moisturizer Or Not?

Lane oily skin always considered "the feeling of knowing to whom" by many people. Not only makes the face greasy and unsightly, oil also makes pores large, prone to skin inflammation or acne. Not only that, oily skin also makes you "miserable" in choosing the right products Skin care productsBecause not all cosmetics can be used for oily skin.

Should oily skin use moisturizer?
Should oily skin use moisturizer?

The secret to using moisturizer for oily skin properly

Correct understanding of oily skin

Oily skin very easy to distinguish, is the type of skin that secretes a lot of sebum, especially T-zone and two cheeks make the face skin become shiny, sticky, uncomfortable. Few people know that oily skin is actually skin that lacks water, so the skin has to produce more oil to keep the skin moist.

There are many causes of oily skin, which can be due to physiological, psychological or unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Although causing greasy, inflamed pores and prone to acne, oily skin also has many advantages that other skin types do not have.

This oily layer has the effect of protecting the skin effectively, against the aging process, reducing the formation of wrinkles as well as against cracking when the weather is dry. With proper care, you can minimize oil spillage on your skin, keeping it soft and healthy.

moisturizer for oily skin
Oily skin is easy to distinguish, which is the type of skin that secretes a lot of sebum

Should oily skin replenish moisture?

As we all know, oily skin is a type of skin that lacks water, so providing moisture to the skin is essential. When the skin is sufficiently moist, it will effectively limit oil secretion. Not only that, when the skin is oily, "sufferers" often use all means to remove this excess oil, making the skin even more severely dehydrated, causing bad effects on the skin.

Acne Treatments Suitable For Each Skin Type

Using a moisturizer will also provide many important nutrients to the skin, making it healthy from deep within, smooth and radiant. However, you should choose the right products, contain many natural ingredients, do not contain much oil because it will cause bad effects on the skin. It is best to choose products with natural ingredients from brands. prestige to use

In addition, because oily skin is a rather special skin type, the use of moisturizers also needs to be done properly, avoiding clogging. pores, leading to skin inflammation and acne.

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How to use moisturizer for oily skin

If not used properly, moisturizer This will clog the pores, making the skin unable to "breathe", making the oil situation worse. If used incorrectly, dirt is also easy to stick to the skin, causing acne, less firmness and enlarged pores. Miss Tram shows you how Use moisturizer properly as follows:

  • Step 1: First, you need to wash your face thoroughly with specialized cleansers for oily skin, then dry your face with a clean and soft towel.
  • Step 2: Use toner (rose water) to deep clean and tighten skin pores.
  • Step 3: You use a moisturizer with just the size of a corn kernel, dot evenly on the 5 points of the forehead, 2 cheeks, chin, and nose and then gently rub it all over the face, massage in a circular motion so that the cream is absorbed into the skin.
moisturizer for oily skin
How to use moisturizer for oily skin

You should limit applying the cream overnight, it is best to keep the cream on your face for 3-4 hours, enough for the skin to absorb the nutrients and then wash your face thoroughly. In addition, to reduce the shine on the skin, you should practice some habits as follows:

Use absorbent paper to remove excess oil on the face, help the skin clear and prevent dust. Maintain the habit of cleaning the skin, especially before going to bed with cleansing oil, specialized cleanser for oily skin. Choose products with natural ingredients to bring maximum safety to the skin.

You should also regularly wash the pillowcase because the amount of oil that sticks to the pillow for a long time will be an ideal environment for bacteria to multiply. Contact with dirty pillowcases will make the condition of the skin worse.


how to take care of oily skin with moisturizer
Oily skin needs to minimize spicy, hot, greasy, and sweet foods

Along with that, practice healthy eating habits, minimize spicy, hot, greasy foods, sweets, dairy products, coffee, carbonated drinks, etc. Eat! lots of green vegetables, fruits, foods rich in fiber and drink lots of water. Relaxing the mind, not letting the body get tired and stressed will also help smooth the skin and prevent oil and shine.

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Miss Tram Natural Center provides some useful information for those with oily skin, if you follow the above instructions correctly, you can own a healthy and youthful skin, more confidence in life. Explore more Oily skin care routine The best standard recommended by beauty experts.

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