Should dry skin be exfoliated?

Should Dry Skin Exfoliate?

Not only dry skin must be often kill death celkEven if your skin is not oily, you should still exfoliate periodically. Because the layers of dead cells will clog pores, causing acne, worse, it also accelerates the aging process.

Dry skin in need of exfoliation

Depending on age, especially when young, the skin is provided with sufficient nutrients to fiber collagen and Elastin are closely linked, the cell replication process takes place stronger, which will create favorable conditions for the skin to regenerate itself and replace a new layer of skin from 14 to 28 days. And science calls this the mechanism of removing dead skin cells to help it maintain a healthy, smooth state

how to exfoliate dry skin
Dry skin in need of exfoliation

But as you get older, especially when you pass the threshold of 30, due to many factors such as living environment, diet, UV rays, etc., skin regeneration is weaker. During this stage, in order for the new skin to regenerate faster, the old skin cells need to be removed. Otherwise, you will face dry, dehydrated, wrinkled skin, …

To avoid premature aging, those with dry skin need to exfoliate even more. Skin cells that are sloughed off due to lack of water and lipids need to be removed regularly so that new cells have space to form. Thereby helping you limit aging due to the inability of cells to connect with each other and the destruction of bacteria that penetrate dead skin cells.

According to research by scientists from Dermalogica Skin Care Institute (USA) "Proper exfoliation will help your skin be smoother, create moisture for the skin, help the skin become white and bright. At the same time, this is also an effective way to wash away the remaining dirt, chemicals, sebum and bring nutrients into the skin better.".

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And according to Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, if you want to help dry skin not be rough anymore, in addition to exfoliation, you also need a reasonable care and maintenance regimen.

How to take care of dry skin?

Suitable Exfoliation

Dry skin needs regular exfoliation, but since this is a skin type that is easily irritated by a weakened skin barrier, you need to know which exfoliant you have to choose.

Dermatologist Michele Green from New York recommends choosing a Gommage exfoliant, also known as a gel with enzyme-rich ingredients, to use for dry skin. When massaged on the skin, they will form microscopic exfoliating particles, limiting damage.

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Eat sensibly

Good food for dry skin
Dry skin needs a reasonable diet

Dry skin can be caused by atopic, but a well-rounded diet will be the main part to help you improve dry skin. Avocados contain an abundant amount of Vitamins C, E and healthy fats that make the skin soft, smooth and moist from the inside very well. The top three fish such as salmon, herring, and sardines are the three fish that people with dry skin should eat regularly.

In the dark green vegetables like spinach, it contains a lot of Iron, Omega 4, Vitamins E, B, A to help protect the skin and help the skin to be firmer, brighter and healthier. In addition, drinking enough water every day will also be a way to hydrate the skin to make it less dry.

Skin care with cosmetics is very necessary

Cosmetics suitable for dry skin
Dry skin needs skin care with cosmetics

Specialized moisturizers will help your skin get a protective film against the bad effects of the environment and bacteria. However, when choosing, consider whether it is suitable for your dry skin.

Accordingly, moisturizers suitable for dry skin are those with high water content, rich in Vitamin E, well absorbed, non-greasy to prevent acne, clogged pores or inflammation. When using rose water, makeup remover, absolutely do not use products containing alcohol. Besides, all cosmetics need to have clear origin and ingredients.

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Some of the above shares of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center hope has provided useful knowledge for you!

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