Join Miss Tram to find out that Silk Eyelash Extensions Are Harmful To Your Eyes Isn't Simple

Join Miss Tram to find out if silk eyelash extensions are harmful to the eyes

To get a natural curled eyelashes instead of having to spend a lot of time attaching false eyelashes, applying mascara, many women look to the method. silk eyelash extensions. And "Is silk eyelash extension harmful to eyes??” This is a question that has attracted a lot of attention in recent times. Let's Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Learn more about this topic!

Silk eyelash extensions - the secret to natural, curled lashes

What is silk eyelash extension?
Silk eyelash extensions

Silk eyelash extension is a method of using false eyelashes with a custom amount, depending on the eye shape and facial features, to stick on real eyelashes. Silk eyelashes are eyelashes with silky soft material, the size and color are produced thicker and darker than silk. The advantage of silk eyelash extensions compared to other methods is that it creates a highlight for the face with moderate blackness and is suitable for many ages.

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So are silk eyelash extensions harmful to the eyes or not?

In fact, silk eyelash extensions are not harmful to the eyes. Only when you perform silk eyelash extensions at a poor-quality facility, with unprofessional professionals, problems will appear that are at risk of harming the eyes.

Many aesthetic establishments use the advertising trick of "cheap silk eyelash extensions" as bait to attract customers. Because of the subjective psychology of cheapness and lack of knowledge about eyelash extensions, many people have made a serious mistake when diving into implementation.

Silk eyelash extensions don't hurt your eyes
Silk eyelash extensions don't hurt your eyes

 Common harms when eyelash extensions are not safe, such as:

  • After the procedure, you will experience eye pain, keratitis, blepharitis, blepharitis.
  • After a while, your real eyelashes will fall out and become thinner.
  • More frightening is that if you do it in places where glue containing toxic substances is used, the risk of skin cancer is very high and will definitely affect the eyes directly.

These consequences not only cost you money, but also take longer to overcome. There are many cases of customers losing all their real eyelashes because of allergies to poor quality glue. From there, applying mascara or attaching false eyelashes is also difficult to do, let alone eyelash extensions in the next time.

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Where should silk eyelash extensions to ensure beauty and no harm?

Is silk eyelash extension harmful to eyes?
Miss Tram uses modern eyelash extension technology that is safe for eyes

Using the silk eyelash extension service at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, customers will surely be satisfied because we possess many outstanding advantages:

  • Applying modern eyelash extension technology, the most delicate and natural Japanese style.
  • Suitable for many objects and extremely reasonable cost: from housewives, students to office women or those who own short, pale and sparse eyelashes can do it.
  • The team of experts has in-depth professional knowledge, extensive experience in the profession, following the most professional process.
  • The procedure is quick, comfortable, painless and most pleasant.
  • Silk yarn imported 100% genuine Korea, meet safety during use.
  • There are many attractive promotions and gifts for customers who come to Miss Tram for the first time - Natural Beauty Center.
  • Long-term warranty, regularly schedule periodic inspection to check and adjust if you are not satisfied.
  • Experience the luxurious and classy Spa space, bringing absolute satisfaction during the implementation process.
  • Attentive customer care, dedicated to closely following customers from the beginning to 100% completion.

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With the above outstanding advantages, why don't you come to Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center? We are always ready to bring the best things to help you improve your beauty as well as be more confident in life. Pick up the phone and immediately call the hotline: 1900 7018 for a free consultation!

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