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Technology to Remove Eye Wrinkles at Miss Tram

Do you know the technology to remove eye wrinkles at Miss Tram? Age, lack of nutrients, aging, ... are the causes that make your soul's window appear ugly wrinkles. Wrinkles around the eyes can give us a few years more, make you lose confidence and have to live in sadness and depression. Although we can't go against the law, it is possible to dramatically improve the "marks" that time leaves on your skin. Watch Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center How to help you remove wrinkles around the eyes?

Restore Youthful Look to Eyes Thanks to Eye Wrinkle Removal Technology at Miss Tram

Causes of eye wrinkles

According to research, the points on the face will have two states: dynamic and static, so there are two types of wrinkles around the eyes. Specifically:

  • Wrinkles are formed due to excessive contraction of the muscles attached to the facial skin (dynamic state).
  • Wrinkles appear mainly due to loose skin (static state)

Although there are two types of wrinkles, they do not form separately but are closely related. Both have the main thing in common that is formed due to collagen deficiency and depletion of Eslatin.

We all know, collagen is an important component, without it, the skin structure will become loose, begin to sag and form wrinkles. Besides, this deficiency leads to the quality of Eslatin produced. Once Eslatin weakens, the skin's elasticity is not as good as before, leading to deeper and permanent wrinkles that do not return as before.

Causes of eye wrinkles
Wrinkles around the eyes are formed due to collagen deficiency and loss of Eslatin

The decline in the quality of your Collagen and Eslatin due to the following causes:

  • After the age of 30, the natural collagen synthesis in the body will no longer be the same
  • If you do not provide enough water for the body, eating less vegetables and fruits will limit the ability to reproduce collagen.
  • The impact of UV rays in sunlight is also one of the effects of destroying the collagen structure, preventing the synthesis of Eslatin fibers.
  • Constantly staying up late, stress and stress lead to an increase in the body's Cortisol, causing the collagen structure to be broken

How to remove eye wrinkles?

Although Collagen and Eslatin play an important role in skin condition, it is an admitted fact that adding these essences after wrinkles have appeared does not bring the expected effect.

The anti-wrinkle, limiting skin aging only really works when you provide these ingredients right in the initial prevention steps. That is, when entering the age of 25, you should supplement with Collagen (essence or through food sources), and at the same time adjust healthy living habits, limit stimulants, apply skin massage exercises. This can slow down the aging process, keep skin healthy and reduce wrinkles around the eyes.

Remove eye wrinkles
The most effective technology to remove eye wrinkles

In case the eyes have many wrinkles (appears even when not smiling), you must resort to the intervention of modern technology if you want to remove them. Currently, at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, we are applying very successfully the process of removing wrinkles around the eyes, lifting and rejuvenating the skin with technology. High Intensity Focus Ultrasound (HiFu S+).

HiFu S + is a method of using focused ultrasound waves, affecting the skin with a depth of 4,5mm to stimulate collagen production, and at the same time strengthen Eslatin fibers to heal skin structure. Thanks to that, the broken cell parts will "revive" miraculously, making the skin firmer. The treatment process with HiFu S+ is non-invasive, long-lasting and leaves no side effects on your skin.

Method to remove wrinkles around the eyes
Remove wrinkles around the eyes with HiFu S + technology

When applying this technology, you will notice the effect right from the first time of treatment and at the end of the treatment, wrinkles are significantly improved, you will be confident in your eyes and smile.

In addition, Miss Tram would like to guide you guys Massage movements to reduce eye wrinkles and Natural ingredients to effectively remove wrinkles, although it takes more time, but the effect is also quite good.

For more complete advice on technology and the process of removing eye wrinkles, you can contact Miss Tram via hotline 1900 7018, experts are always ready to assist you!+ Note: What Factors Are Skin Health Affected By

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