New Generation Yag Laser Melasma Treatment Technology Unknown

New Generation Yag Laser Melasma Treatment Technology

CLEAN SKIN - SMOOTH SMOOTHER EASY with yag laser in Miss Tram Spa, after experiencing this technology, it will help "beautify" the excessive amount of melanin pigment - also causes of skin pigmentation give you headaches.

With the right laser wavelength, this technology works deep inside the skin surface, treating damaged skin and creating a "wall" to prevent melasma from recurring for a long time. smooth, but still young and healthy when nourished from the inside.

Yag laser melasma treatment technology
Yag laser melasma treatment technology

[Q-A] Is Yag Laser Technology Really Effective?

Exclusive Yag laser technology from Germany specialize in treating melasma at the root cases:

  • Large patches of melasma are caused by the effects of UVA and UVB rays from the sun.
  • Women aged 30+ have melasma due to aging.
  • Types of deep melasma, small black jars… born during hormonal changes.
  • Melasma due to the use of poor quality cosmetics, containing corticosteroids

Clean melasma - the price is cheap, so why not go now! Miss Tram team is always ready at 100% capacity to consult, answer questions, and ready to serve the beauty needs of women near and far!


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