Is 8D Eyebrow Spray Technology Really Perfect Insiders

Is 8D Eyebrow Spray Technology Really Perfect?

If you are the owner of less than perfect eyebrows and are planning to go eyebrow spray then you must have heard about 8D eyebrow spray technology. So 8D eyebrow spray technology what? Is this the best technology available today? Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center give you more interesting knowledge on this issue.

Is 8D Eyebrow Spray Technology Really Perfect?

eyebrow spray 8d
8D eyebrow spray technology helps eyebrows become more perfect

Actually, when talking about 3D, 6D or 8D, it is about engineering sculpting eyebrowsHowever, many people still have the habit of calling it eyebrow spray.

Spray eyebrows is a new tattoo spray technology from Korea, using a specialized pen to pluck each thin and fine, soft strand alternately into the open and lacking areas of the eyebrows. These eyebrows are created with the perfect curve like real eyebrows, providing the most natural and soft possible.

1. 3D, 6D or 8D is a way of distinguishing naturalness, color and yarn making method

Beautiful eyebrow sculpting results for women
Beautiful eyebrow sculpting results for women
  • Spray 3D is the same method as the old embroidery technology before, the eyebrows are formed into a hard frame with each unnatural parallel line.
  • 6D spraying is done by machine, although it does not line the eyebrows like 3D, but the 6D sculpted eyebrows are still quite rough, not soft, the distance between the fibers is still sparse, looking very unnatural.
  • 8D injection will be done by hand, the KTV uses a special engraving knife with a micro blade to gently and meticulously put the ink onto the skin. 8D eyebrows provide a soft, natural look. However, for customers who do not have eyebrows or eyebrows that are too light, 8D spray still reveals their shortcomings.

2. 8D eyebrow spray technology is gradually outdated

Today's favorite HOT eyebrow spray technology
Today's favorite HOT eyebrow spray technology

Because there are still certain disadvantages, when 9D injection technology was born, the 8D spray method has gradually lost its position and is less popular with customers as before.

9D injection method is considered the most modern spraying method today, possessing many outstanding advantages, giving customers the most perfect and natural eyebrows possible. If you are not a person with tattooing knowledge, it will be difficult for you to recognize which are natural eyebrows and which are past eyebrows. 9D eyebrow sculpture.

For the 9D spray method, the KTV will use a specialized knife, meticulously draw each eyebrow according to the contours of the real eyebrow with a slightly large, light head and a small middle part, a sharp tail. Whether you have no real eyebrows, pale eyebrows or scars, the 9D technique will help you hide your flaws perfectly.

3. Where is the 9D eyebrow spray?

Steps to perform standard eyebrow spray from the top prestigious spa
Steps to perform standard eyebrow spray from the top prestigious spa

Although 9D eyebrow spray has perfect advantages, however, very few centers can provide this method. If you want to spray 9D eyebrows, you should choose reputable tattoo spray facilities like Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center. This is one of the few cosmetic facilities capable of giving you a beautiful standard eyebrow with 9D spray technology with many outstanding advantages:

  • The blade is very small, so it is completely harmless to the skin, causing no bleeding, pain or swelling after the procedure
  • Whether your eyebrows have many defects such as sparse, short, pale, scarred, using 9D yarn will help you to completely overcome them.
  • This technique does not create a border, helping you to own a very natural and soft eyebrows, it is difficult to know that you have sprayed eyebrows.
  • You will not be "older", "stronger" like traditional spray methods

Especially for men who want to overcome their appearance or change feng shui, but are afraid of others knowing they have cosmetic interventions, 9D eyebrow spray is really a "savior" for you. When applying 9D eyebrows at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Men will have the most natural eyebrows possible, absolutely no eyebrow frame. Miss Tram only adds the part of the eyebrow you are missing and in some cases it is necessary to create a "thin eyebrow" around the eyebrow shape to create maximum naturalness.

The birth of 9D injection technology, has really overcome the existing disadvantages of 8D technology, giving customers the most natural eyebrows possible while still ensuring the beauty and harmony with the face. This is a great choice for all customers, both men and women, when they want to improve their beauty and care about their destiny. (Refer to the manual How to draw eyebrows that match your face Best).

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