What Beauty Uses Does Activated Charcoal Have? Inspiration

What Beauty Uses Does Activated Charcoal Have?

This year's beauty trend must include the "black fever" that is storming the beauty community, have you guessed what it is yet? It is revealed that Activated carbon hey, the "black pearl" in the cosmetics village with countless unexpected uses, let's find out why it's so hot!
Safely beautify skin with activated charcoal
Safely beautify skin with activated charcoal

5 Outstanding Beauty Uses Of Activated Charcoal

With a mechanism that works like a magnet to remove dirt and excess oil in the pores that the naked eye can't see, helping the skin to clear, clean bacteria and improve pigmentation.

Skin whitening

One of the advantages of "capturing the hearts" of women is whitening, activated charcoal works to remove dead cells, absorb excess impurities and clean the surface of the skin, making the skin white and healthy. .

Protect from acne

Activated charcoal is considered a "savior" to help prevent the "uninvited" presence of the acne army. Using products and procedures extracted from activated charcoal will help push acne effectively.

Soothes irritated skin

Activated charcoal has the ability to accelerate the healing of mild infections, reduce swelling caused by insect bites, itching, redness.

Effective care for oily skin

Who belongs to? oily skin It is impossible to ignore skin care products or services with activated charcoal ingredients, because it will help "beautify" excess sebum and detoxify extremely effectively, leaving skin cleaner and smoother.
With these 5 great uses, it will make you put activated charcoal on the top beauty list, right! At Miss Tram, there is currently a whitening treatment with Activated Carbon Laser to help you own your skin WHITE - SMOOTH - CLEAN that's it. (See tips to help skin rejuvenation with activated carbon laser carbon most effective today).

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