2 weeks left until the New Year of Eyelash Extensions Will it be in time

2 weeks left until the New Year of Eyelash Extensions Will it be in time

|Question – Answer|| 2 weeks left until Tet if eyelash extensions can be done in time

Tet is almost here, sisters! The time when every girl is busy shopping for clothes, scheduling skin care, changing hairstyles ... to have the most beautiful and perfect appearance when Spring comes.

Eyelash extensions is a beauty stage that many women care about, the false eyelashes are superimposed on the natural eyelashes to create the effect of curved eyelashes, creating sharper features for the eyes; Then you don't need eyeliner to still have attractive eyes as you want.

Many of you wonder if it's New Year in 2 weeks."Does eyelash extensions take a long time??”. So that, Miss Tram VietNam I will always answer for you to rest assured to be beautiful at Tet!

2 weeks left until the New Year of Eyelash Extensions Will it be in time
How long does eyelash extensions take?

– Miss Tram has heard many women say that "If you want to have eyelash extensions, you should decide to "fly now" 2 hours to complete"

– This may be true for some facilities, but at Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center, the process of making eyelash extensions happens very quickly, only about 60-90 minutes.

Although the implementation time is short, you COMPLETELY CONFIRMED US because Miss Tram always ensures the safety of your eyelashes during the process and we understand that any small mistake that takes place during the eyelash extension process can leave serious damage to your eyes. your real eyes and lashes.

Therefore, every step is carefully taken care of by us, bringing a perfect eyelash, helping you to shine at every angle.

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